Your new Coach: a mini-reveal thread!


Jan 24, 2018
So another reveal …. I gave up 3 bags for this one! It is the tooled tea rose Dinky and is hard to photograph well as the detail is better seen in person. I love that it is purple inside the bag. I added the strap from my pink top handle to bring out some of the colors, and of course added a tea rose charm, lol

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I was going to say WOW too! That is gorgeous! I love that you added the special tea rose touch!

I hope you'll show us some what's in my bag posts to show those vibrant colors inside your bags.
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Feb 20, 2012
Big and Sexy!!!!! $75 Mercari find
Madison Large Pinnacle DS

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Love a good drawstring bag. Great color and details.
Gorgeous color.
My new beauties...Rogue top handle bags. Finally! Not that I need an excuse to splurge, but this year has been extra challenging & I'm rewarding my perseverance!

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Love this bag. On my wishlist.
My revel in black came today from the BF 25% off sale! The quality is really there, no stitching issues! The only disappointment is that it didn't come in a box, it just came in a plastic bag, at least it didn't arrive damaged at all.

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Black smooth leather and brass hardware are perfect. Charm twins.
Stopped into Coach today to see the rogue 20. Love it and the smooth leather lining and super happy it was able to for my phone in the outer pocket. Pic next to rogue top handle for comparison.

Still debating getting the rogue top handle in the amber, but store had to order it while rogue 20 was in stock so made the decision for me.

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Love the silver hardware. It pops with black leather.
I wanted to join the Ruby club! :smile: I found this one at a great price from a reseller. It is cute and little, but still holds a nice amount. Trying it out with two different straps. I like both, can just decide on the given day if I want colorful or more basic.

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Cute. Love the leather link straps.
This Rogue takes me back to a kid watching Scooby Doo.
Officially got the Coach Tabby 26 in black pebbled leather as a gift for starting a new investment job.

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Classy bag for new investment job.
Fell for the deep Turquoise Tali. The leather is delicious! View attachment 5661522 View attachment 5661523 I have the perfect charm for it.
Pretty color.


Sep 29, 2014


May 18, 2014


Mar 6, 2015
It’s SO pretty :heart:. I love love love this bag and am waiting until I can break my “bag ban” :lol: (or when it goes on sale). Enjoy :smile:.
Thank you!
I was waiting for a sale too but when I asked about it in store last Friday, I was told there was only 65 left in the warehouse. I don’t know if this bag will make it to a sale, but it is coach after all so we will never know unless/until it happens.