Your Name!

  1. Great site!

    It says there are 167 people with my name.

    There are none with DH's name. I guess he doesn't count :wtf:
    There are 65 with DS's name
    There are only 4 with DD's name.

    I guess we have a pretty uncommon last name!
  2. That was so much fun!!!!

    It says there are 15 people in the US with my full name!
  3. 35 people have my exact name
  4. 0 people have my first name.559,088 have my married last name.Not surprising cause its soooo common.
    0 for DH
    0 for DS
    0 for DD

    We all have unusual names,lol.
  5. There are 2 people in the US with my full name.
  6. 2 people have my married name.
    0 people have my maiden name.
  7. Valeen

    • There are 0 people in the U.S. with the first name Valeen.
    • This name is not found in our database, this means the name is relatively uncommon.

    And there are 244,793 with my last name...its pretty common haha
  8. 0 people have my full name, but when I get married & I change my last name 828 people will have the same full name as me :wtf:
  9. Two people have my name. I'm assuming they're including me as one of them?

  10. That was cool! There are 90 people in the US who share my full name.
  11. 398,922 people with my first name. 0 people with my full name.
  12. 0 0 and 0
  13. Holey Moley.

    6,083 people with my full name. I hope nobody is trying to find me!
  14. There are 364 people with my full name.