Your must-haves make-up.

  1. I have tonnes of stuff in my everyday tote bag which I end up not using at all! When I'm packing, I thought oh I might need this, that and that... so I dump them all in my tote bag and since it's so roomy, why not?? So here's the question: if you have to cut down, what are your must-haves in your make-up pouch when you go out?
  2. Lip gloss, at the very least...I have a tiny makeup case which contains: small facial lotion, small eyemakeup remover, tweezers, bronzing powder, mini mascara.
    I have several colors of lip gloss as well.
  3. my eyeliner and my lipstick.....
  4. I used to obsess over make-up and had enough to make up the circus at one point! Then I realized what works best with my complexion and only have one of each necessary item (except eyeliner) so I can always carry my make-up with me if I want to. I use a neutrogena foundation and mascara, Nars bronzer, MAC blush, Stila eyeshadow, Lip Fusion lipgloss and a slate and raisin eyeliner. I keep it all in a make-up bag that I can toss in a purse or suitcase so I never forget it when I need it. I'd be lost without any of those items!

    As for going out, I only bring lip gloss. Guess I could look a little better if I brought more but I'm not a fan of powder.
  5. pressed poweder, lip gloss, lip liner, blush, mascara
  6. Lipgloss and mascara.
  7. Lipgloss, clear mascara, light pink-peach blush - everyday wear! :biggrin:
  8. I usually bring mac pallete like the holiday or the 4 quad, blush, MAC mineralize powder, viva glam lip gloss pallete, a lip gloss, concealer, mascara, eye liner.
  9. Things I carry in my purse: lipgloss, powder, chapstick, eyeliner
  10. I only bring lipgloss with me on a night out. I never have time to worry about anything else. Besides once I put something on (other than lipgloss) it's on.
  11. In my bag everyday is MAC Studio Fix pressed powder, 1 or 2 Chanel glossimers, Smashbox lipstick in Lovely, Loreal color rich cream crayon liner & Urban Decay eyeshadow in Ransom. Sometimes I add stuff, but those are the basics.
  12. This is the cutest statment I've read in a while!!! LMAO!
  13. ^ Same here :yes:
    I usually have some sort of lipbalm or gloss and maybe a mini thing of lotion.

    For an overnight/weekend bag I pack:

    [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
  14. Eyeliner, lip gloss and face and eye cream!
  15. Normally i only carry a concealer, lipgloss, blush in my makeup pouch .