Your Mother's Day Plans


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Jun 18, 2009
What are your Mother's Day Plans?

if you're a mom yourself, do you spend the day between your husband's mother and your mother or is the day all for you?

Before becoming a mom myself, my DH and I always went to his mom's first to spend time with her and the rest of his family and then we went to my mom's to spend the rest of the day with her.
After I had my kids and became a mommy too, that tradition continues. We still always go see both our mom's. This will be my 3rd mother's day and I've never really had my "own" mother's day event, as in something my DH has planned just for me (even just an early morning event other than the standard gift-giving). Don't get me wrong, I do get my special moment in the morning, maybe a nice breakfast then my kiddos giving me their cards and gift but not an actual outing as such.
It's always been which mom we're seeing first and the day revolves around that. I'm not sure if that bothers me or not. If I think about it, it does 'get' to me that there's nothing ever planned just for me but then I do feel selfish for thinking that way as both are moms are still alive, they deserve our attention and love and we should spend the day going back and forth to each like we always do (and that 'my' day will come when unfortunately they are no longer with us).

What is your Mother's Day tradition and what do you plan on doing this weekend?


Sep 22, 2006
My mother was very big on the idea that once I became a mother, the day ought to be about ME and not her. Even so, my dh and I take her to brunch on Mother's Day and I always get her a nice gift. Usually she then insists on watching the kids while my dh takes me out to a movie and dinner. She says that being with her grandkids is the best gift she could have on Mother's Day, and the kids absolutely LOVE it when Nana comes. So it works out, and we do something special for my mom and she helps my dh do something special for me.

Sadly, dh's mom passed away before I ever met dh. My father also passed away before I met dh, so Father's Day is all about dh and his dad, and Mother's Day is all about me and my mom.

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Nov 3, 2006
Now that my boys are gone and out of state-probably nothing. As I've told my DH I'm not your mother and he's not my father. So we probably won't celebrate much! maybe dinner out....