your most wearable scarf?

  1. as i've been strolling through the scarf threads here, i see dozens of scarves that i just adore, but sometimes a gorgeous pattern or colorway doesn't necessarily mean it's a good buy for someone in the infancy of their scarf collecting (like me!) :p

    but occasionally, i notice a scarf that seems particularly it's made to match a wardrobe.

    and, i'm also noticing scarves that just seem made for the wearer...something that's really just a perfect fit - a "click", i guess. i'm thinking of rose and her yellow la voie lactee, princessfrog and her monsieur et madame....there's a long list :smile:

    so, i'm curious....i know we all have different coloring, and wardrobes of different colors/styles. but, for the scarfies here, what would you say is your most wearable scarf? not necessarily the pattern you adore the most, but the one you select to wear most often when you open that scarf drawer? :cutesy:
  2. ^^ Thank you, I do love my lvL, however, at the moment, in this warmer weather, I find myself reaching for my blue Giverny mousse the most. It is so wearable and the colors complement most of my outfits.
  3. "De Passage A Tokyo" in black. Extremely versatile and I just love it!
  4. The one I reach for time and time again is Vol Amoureux des Azures (the one with the butterflies and cherry blossoms) in black/fuschia. I wear a lot of black and this blends right in with just the right amount of color.
  5. I am answering the question for Rockerchic, anything fuchsia! ;)
  6. I tend to grab hold of any scarf in pink colorways more than any other then maybe turquoise.
  7. Splenduer De Maharajas II. The contrast between the Brown and Blue is unique. I can wear it with jeans or a more dressy outfit in te brown family...

    In the summer, I reach for Sarasvati...very light and springy..

    I have alot of recent acquisitions though that i haven't had a chance to try yet.
  8. :tup: Yes!! I am especially loving my fleurs de fuschia fuschia!
  9. SMC: Thank you :smile: When I read the thread title, the M et M scarf came to mind. :yes: I *do* use the M et M more than the other 4 scarves. It's the black and white combo that makes it easiler to go with my wardrobe.

    Did I mention I love scarves?:heart::heart: I forgot my sweater/jacket in my office and the a/c was too chilly (and I was running a temperature) I unknot my scarf and "made" a bolero for myself :tup:
  10. Jardin d'andalouisie in eau de nil. complements everything!

    brown and blue blends seem to be complementary to most outfits and complexions.
  11. Mine is "Quai Aux Fleurs" in a taupe/blue colourway.
  12. my cheaveaux des emperors monghols in blue. something about the colors seem to go with everything. and it looks amazing as a belt with jeans.
  13. but if i was picking two.... i would also say my black dahlia mousse.

  14. :tup:The black dahlia is an amazingly easy scarf to wear. I love mine.
  15. you are all giving me some great scarves to go searching for pics of!