Your most versatile LV?

  1. Hi everyone,

    I was wondering what you think is the most versatile bag in the mono line? I'm not a big fan of the damier, although I love the form of the Saleya! I'm looking for a bag I can wear for most occasions, casual, work (I'm a teacher), dressed up..
    I own a mono speedy 30 and although I find it practical in many ways, the fact that it's handheld stops me from using it anyday.

    Any suggestions would be great :smile:
  2. How about the Tulum?? The larger one hold TONS and its so chic looking. OR the Stephen Mono?? Hand held AND a shoulder bag? Its so stunning as well!
  3. BH!!!!! It is a very good looking bag, casual or dressed up. Very roomy!! Easy access, funtional, and good size without being huge. Beautiful! I love mine! Perhaps ck this one out as an option. I can fit all my everyday things inside, and also a hardcover bk if I want, and a few magazines. Very versatile.

    Here's a pic:

    HTH :yes:
    Good Luck on finding your next LV!!
  4. Casual the Monogram Messenger Bosphore PM- I am loving this bag so much I am ignoring my other babies...:sad:
  5. how about the popincourt haut? if that's too small for you, i agree with LVCRAZED about bagtinolles horizontal!
  6. The Popincourt Haut seems to have gotten many rave reviews for it's versatility.
  7. Batignolles Horizontal for sure!!
  8. Another vote for the Batignolles Horizontal!!!
  9. Bh!
  10. Batignolles Horizontal all the way!!!
  11. I say the Batignolles Horizontal or the Popincourt Haut.
  12. Manhattan PM- dress up or down, goes with just about everthing!
  13. I personally think the speedy 30 is the most versatile LV bag. Handheld, shoulder - same difference to me :P
  14. yes, the Popincourt Haut is a very versatile bag. it can be dressed up and dressed down too, and the little balls on the zipper give it that little touch :yes:
  15. My Speedy 30!:yes: If I dont want to hold it then I just attach the shoulder strap I purchased. The patine is different since the Speedy has seen more use, but it still looks good to me.:P