Your Most Used H Purse

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  1. I spent about three hours at my hair salon this afternoon (having a couple of really divine treatments!), and struck up a conversation with another patron about our most used purses.

    For me, out of all the Hermes purses I own, my "go to" purse is my 30cm gold togo Birkin. I've had it for five or six years, and I've used it fully 50% of the time since buying it.

    What's your most used Hermes purse???

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  2. Etoupe Clemence Birkin and Black Togo Kelly!
  3. Great thread! I use my courcheval Kelly. The shoulder strap comes in handy.
  4. rouge h bolide 31.....clemence is such a great workhourse leather.
    Rouge H is a great neutral for me....

    Le sigh...I love my H......
  5. BdP 35 Togo Birkin It is my everyday bag. Took it to a concert this weekend with 4 fifteen year old boys.:tup:
  6. S'Mom, what size??? :smile:

  7. I'm desperately trying to pare down my entire handbag collection so I can just use my 35 raisin box birkin most of the time. However, I keep changing bags around (and when weather is bad, I hide my box despite having waterproofed them with Docride's treatment) so I don't think any are getting the "most used."
  8. 30 gold togo Birkin w/GHW
  9. A 40 cm black clemence birkin-3.6 lbs empty (yes, I weighed her!). No "birkin elbow" yet LOL!!!!
  10. My chocolate Kellys -- Togo 28 and Box 32.
    In the summer, gold Togo 28.
  11. 35 Birkin, black clemence, "workhorse"--has traveled to Asia, Europe, and to all work-related meetings in this country.
  12. Well, my most "used" H purse *was* this one...


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  13. CobaltBlu, My BJ 31cm Bolide is my second most used purse. :heart:

  14. Trocadero, you're my twin!

  15. Oh easy!

    MY BBB40. Almost every single freaking day. And also, before I got this LV messenger bag, she was also my diaper bag for every single weekend. I think I have used her consecutively every single day for about four months give and take a few weeks.

    I know I *could* be obsessive sometimes... :sweatdrop: