Your most memorable vacation....?

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  1. Your most memorable vacation....?

    I'd have to say my best memory was staying in Hawaii for a week and a half...enjoying the comfortable cool morning breeze and basking in the sun...while eating lots of sushi..and hanging with the locals. I miss that! :heart:
  2. Definitely my best was a school field trip to NYC!! I was a Visual Arts major so they took us up there to see the sights and all the major museums. We actually rode a bus all the way!! 2 full days from Mexico to NYC, with lots of stopping in New Orleans, Arkansas, Memphis, Pennsylvania etc. It was actually nice because we got to see so many places!!

    And NYC... it left me speechless! I adored it then and adore it now and hope to go back soon. I had the greatest time!
  3. I want to visit NYC. :heart:
  4. Caribean cruise....gorgeous ports, great food, excellent service and friendly people!
  5. Attending my cousin's wedding in Central America. It was the first time that gave me a sense of where I came from and who I am.

    Other than that, Vegas a year ago when one of my best friend's proposed to his then SO, now wife.
  6. My favorite had to be my first trip to San Francisco... I try to go there every year now. I love everything about it, especially the atmosphere... and shopping of coarse :P I also hope to live there one day!!
  7. My 1 1/2 month vacation from April 2007 visiting Rome,Milan,Venice,&Paris. This is by far my longest, most tiring, most expensive vacation where I get to experience local life from a different country.
  8. In late August of 2005 my BF and I spent a while in Florida, first visiting his relatives in Miami. His oldest sister and I have the same birthday and we each had a cake, etc. It was fun! His sister was gifted with tickets for a cruise that she ended up not being able to take, and day or so later, my BF and I headed to Orlando for my "birthday present" and spent about five days there, going to the theme parks and having big fun. I'd never been there with a SO, and it was so much fun because I LOVE theme parks (especially the ones that aren't 90% rollercoasters).

    What made this trip MEMORABLE however, was our drive up to Orlando from Miami. When we left Miami all was calm, but it wouldn't last. As we were going through Ft. Lauderdale, Hurricaine Katrina was slamming into the coast! It was the single most frightful experience of my life, riding in a car with the rain and wind so hard that you can't see any of the cars on the interstate around you. KNOWING you're in a hurricaine. Being too scared to continue driving, and yet terrified to STOP driving. However, my BF navigated us to Orlando quite safely (for which I'm INCREDIBLY grateful), and when we got there the sun was shining, and the weather was gorgeous! We got a little bit of rain in Orlando over the next few days, but not much at ALL.

    Interestingly enough, his family had tried to talk us OUT of going to Orlando and instead "playing it safe" during the hurricaine and remaining in Miami, but I insisted on going to Orlando to complete our vacation, and when we got there and talked to his relatives who were still in Miami, they told us that the power was out for DAYS and Katrina was making a total mess of things. And due to the weather the cruise was cancelled and his sister couldn't go! My BF and I felt bad for her, but we had fun in spite of it all. After all, we were in Orlando, having a blast, laughing at animatronic pirates, walking around in mouse ears and eating giant cookies.

  9. Before this year, I've never really been on vacation. My parents constantly worked when I was growing up and when they did have vacation, we didn't have the money to go somewhere great. I'd say the most memorable were:

    1. The short memorial day weekend trip we took to Fort Walton Beach, FL.
    2. The trips to Disneyland & Las Vegas with my parents & my Grammy.
    3. The mothers day trip Bart took my mom and I on this year :smile:
  10. My greatest vacations so far:

    1. Moorea and Bora Bora, Tahiti (honeymoon)
    2. London and Paris (my last solo trip)
    3. Kauai (3rd anniversary)
    4. Cancun (college)

    Next year should be Maui, I can't wait!
  11. Polar bear safari to Churchill, Canada, 2 years ago. We went out on tundra buggies to see the bears. I've seen them in zoos, but in their natural habitat, it was amazing.

    Also, a short trip to Beijing a month after 9/11, was memorable. Visited the Forbidden City, Tiannamen Square, Temple of Heaven, the Great Wall.
  12. I go to maui once or twice a year and its my fav place in the world (so far) I honestly can say it is genuine paradise
  13. Our honeymoon in Tahiti, Paris, 2-weeks in Italy, Cayman Islands,Costa Rica.
  14. as a child my entire family- cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, went to a quiet little place and we all had cottages on a lake- we did this vacation every year for a week- the summers run together, but it is by far my favorite 'vacation'. (and theirs, too.)
  15. Abroad, it was a trip to Florence Italy. I was the one who planned the itenerary and searched the hotels. When I actually got there, I was mildly suprised because everything was I expected it to be. What I studied in HIgh school, like the Uffizi gallery, the Medicis... they were all there. Florence is a magnificent place and the people were friendly. I will definitely go back there.
    Here in the Philippines, I will say its Palawan. Even if we stayed in a worldclass hotel, the environment was well protected and the beaches and mountains were very well preserved. This is one of the few times I felt that time stood still.