Your Most Fundamental Female Rights ??

  1. What are they ?

    Please share :
  2. Equal pay for equal work.
  3. Ownership of my own body. If you don't have that, you don't have anything.
  4. Equality.

    Unfortunatly there's a long way to go for both.
  5. Well said pseub. I couldn't agree more!
  6. To change our minds.
  7. Privacy, equality, freedom of choice.
  8. equality. i think that about covers it.

  9. AMEN!!! :idea:
  10. Equality. And like pseub said, autonomy of body. I can't believe South Dakota is challenging abortion rights by banning them except in cases where it is a danger to the mother's life.
  11. Freedom and equality
  12. Ditto!! I hate it when the guys get paid more than us when they grad from the same school and have similar experiences.
  13. so terrible that a state would make an effort to promote childbirth.
    I think that children should have some rights as well.

    the 'a fetus is/isn't a human life' argument belongs elsewhere, though, I think.
  14. I second that.

    Freedom of choice, opinion and movement
  15. Perhaps it does, but this is one of my own personal beliefs to a fundamental right concerning, once again, bodily autonomy. :smile:
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