Your most favorite...

  1. If you have to pick only ONE..your most favorite combination for Kelly, what combo(color/size/sellier or retouren(sp?..sorry..)/leather/HW) would it be?

    Even though I have a hard time using Kelly (I get frustrated with straps & closing the flap each time I open it...:sad:), I am starting to have a craving for another Kelly for some reason.
    Anyway, I would love to know YOUR most favorite Kelly combination...:love: Thanks~!
  2. I know exactly what you mean about the straps and flaps :lol:.
    But the Kelly is a pretty bag, and I love it.
    My favourite-- My retourne BJ Togo 32 with PHW.:love::love:
  3. I don't own one (yet) but I am totally in love with Peanutbabycake's tricolor ostrich kelly in greys/black.
  4. My fav (on SO at the moment :yahoo:) 28cm black box sellier with ruthenium hardware.
  5. I like black box sellier Kelly, too (I like black box Kelly with GH:p, but with RH black box Kelly would be stunning as well!):heart:!!! But I have such a FEAR of using box leather bags (yes, I have NOT overcome my fear yet!)..

    My DH thinks it's funny that I have no problem using croc. Birkin but I can't even take box birkin out of a dust bag! He said it should be the other way around:lol:! I just can't dare to use NEW box Birkin!!! But I love box's such a classy leather..Maybe I need to practice with a used box leather bag first to get rid of my fear!
  6. Black box sellier, 28, with any hardware.
  7. So far, I only have one Kelly, but she's my dream bag. I was so lucky to get her first.

    32 Black Box Kelly Sellier w/PHW

    I think your fear of Box is like my fear of white bags. LOL
  8. Hard to pick one but definitely I adore a 32cm sellier in Black Chevre for a neutral. For color, hands down a 32cm red sellier Kelly w/PH in Rouge VIF Fjord or Rouge Garance Vache Liagee.
  9. I don't own a Kelly (yet!) but if I were to get one, I think I'd get the black box with phw. So pretty!!!
  10. That's what I did... I got a vintage box to start with... such a hardy bag!
  11. Gosh - I think I have two faves.

    Black Box sellier 28 with PH or the fabulous RH - 'cause you just have to have a BB Kelly :yes:

    Also porosus croc in a light shade (maybe beige rose) with GH... such a pretty croc colour for such a pretty bag :girlsigh:

    ETA - also in a 28
  12. I dont own any K yet but given any K to me, I'll take ! I'd love a 28 tho !
  13. My favorite of what i have now -- black Box retourne 28 with GH. She's so versatile, can be my workhorse getting schlepped around everywhere or be taken straight for a night out.
    My favorite "wish" for the future -- black chevre 32 with PH. I don't know if this would ever happen, but it sure would be nice.
  14. Black Box
    Rouge H with white stitching

  15. black box sellier 28 with gold hardware. :tup: