Your Most Expensive Bag

  1. I would love to know what your most expensive bag is and what kind it is...and did you pay full retail or get it on sale for a steal! I got my leather Legacy Mandy at the outlet for $470 plus tax for a total of just over $500 (retail $800 plus tax = $870). I also got 3 charcoal suede and metallic leather Mandy's for $270 each but had to return them because I decided to stick with the white and none of my friends wanted the charcoal. It hurt so bad to return those great bargains!!! I tried to sell them on eBay but there were too many of them for sale there at the time and they did not sell.
  2. My most recent purchase... a Black Mandy Courier; retailed for $798, purchased on eBay for $435! :tup:
  3. my most expensive bag? my new chanel. most expensive coach? probably my geranium legacy satchel.
  4. pond shoulder bag.. SO worth it though!!
  5. My whiskey Ali... I love her.
  6. loius vuitton duffle valued at $1100 (I got it at a consignment shop for $200) but I just love the heck out of that thing and will never give it away!

    most exp coach....ummmmm.....most valuable one is a studded pewter leather hobo that retailed for 798, I got it for 199 at the outlets. Most I've actually spent was prob the 2004 holiday patchwork on eBay for $400 w the wristlet

    I just hate paying full price, but I've gotten a lot of great deals on expensive stuff
  7. Probably my Mia at 356 total but I cant remember how much my ergo was. I know they were close in price.
  8. MAUDE 998+tAX+SHIPPING. :nuts: For this bag, I don't regret it. I unfortunately don't live near a boutique or outlet, so it's Ebay or
  9. It would be my Soho Saddle Pocket Tote Brass/Camel which the MFSRP is $358, retail is $328 and I got it on ebay for $159. :yahoo:I love a bargin.
  10. my most recent bag, the slim tote. it was 598.00+ tax but I got the pce discount with it so after tax it was 475.00

    Before that, the most I spent on a bag was 400 without any discount (this is my first PCE)
  11. my ali signature I just bought.. $458 - PCE and $150 gift card from marriott time share presentation, so I only paid $193.50!!! :tup:
  12. Coach - Geranium Satchel, Mandy is a close second...

    LV - Manhattan GM, Manhattan PM, Mizi, Hudson, LV Dome

    Chloe - any of them are expensive... Probably my Dr Satchel in Muscade.
  13. The most expensive bag I have ever owned was an LV Alma. I purchased it from eLuxury in 2004 and I think I paid close to $700 for it (I think they are more than that now). I ended up selling it on Ebay as my obsession with Coach grew more rampant! The most expensive bag that I still currently own (and will never part with) is my Coach Legacy Signature satchel, for $648 + tax purchased at
  14. That's a great deal, fieldinspring!! I got my Ali by combining a gift card plus return. Watch out, you will get so many compliments on your Ali.
  15. My most expensive Coach bag is my Large Chocolate Signature Carly ... and I :heart: it!