your most beat up or well loved bag or accessory

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  1. There HAVE to be other folks out there like me. Those who don't baby their bags too much (but also aren't super harsh on them). Those who don't freak out if they get caught in the rain, or will *GASP* set their bag on the ground if necessary.

    What is your most BEAT UP and/or WELL LOVED item? It doesn't need to be falling apart or ruined, just your most broken-in bag.

    Anyone? :graucho:
  2. I have a large turquoise ergo tote that I bought for a steal on Ebay, with a big ink stain on the bottom. You can't see it when I carry the bag, but since it already had that and was nice and broken in when I bought it, I don't baby it at ALL. It's my go-to beat-around purse!
  3. I'll start, since it was my idea. My fiance bought me a Large Leather Madeline in Magenta for my 21st birthday in summer 2008. I haven't used it that entire time, but it has gotten a ton of use...and in turn, a ton of wear and tear.


    It has a small dark spot on the front on the bottom (no clue where that came from!!), it is scratched up. There is a small pen mark near the zipper. There are a series of scratches on the back from when I took it to school and it rubbed against my binder. It isn't as stiff as it once was, the leather puddles a bit towards the bottom. Not to mention the handles are slightly out of line.

    A few of you would probably freak out at a bag in this "condition". I see Madeline as a bag with character! It has gotten so much better with age. It's by no means in bad condition, but the bag is very well loved.
  4. My heritage stripe tote. I love this bag and it gets tossed around a lot! It looks beat up, but I still love it!
  5. alatrop, I remember when you got that bag :biggrin:. It's still beautiful!
  6. :amuse: I love it more now than I did when I got it! I used to worry so much about taking it out and getting scratches on it, but it's so much better to just relax.
  7. I am in love! I love a workhouse bag. This looks so beautiful!
  8. I would say my Large Leather Black Zoe. I love this bag.
  9. Let's post pics people!
  10. user215093_pic47222_1261355179[1].jpg

    My work horse bag is my Hampton Tote.. She is in amazing conditon and cost me very little...
  11. Thank you! :flowers:

    I love it so much, it's definitely a bag with character. Like other people may have the same bag, but the marks and scratches make it *my* bag.:love:
  12. I have a hot pink suede sig hobo (I think, its from 2003) and the suede is so dirty! Its such a cute bag though.
  13. :shocked:
    I have a Sara hobo that I wear without fears (she's pebble and forgiving) but she still only shows slight wear at the top seams but not undone at all. I hope she holds out, she's my weather bag and my 'don't feel like dressing up today' bag.
  14. I have a coach flashlight keyring that I do keep on my keys all the time. We have our own lake and fish a lot so it is very handy at night, the only problem is I shut it in our door and the little rubber nob /on/off/ button keeps falling off, and I lost it yet again last week, I searched everywhere for it..couldn't find it... I was so dissapointed, Then on Monday, I went to preschool with my daughter ( I help teach her class) A little boy brought something to the other teacher and said what is this, I did not look at the time, but something later told me to look at it and low and behold it was my button.....hahahhahaa... I was of course tickled pink. Gotta find a way to fix that thing, It was pricey for such a little thing.....
  15. I have the burnt orange hamptons weekend tote. I think it's from 2008 so it's really NOT old but it's been very well loved and isn't the best material for holding up. I wont buy another bag in this type of material again, and I haven't carried this one in a while just because I'd be heartbroken if something happened to it. It's my DH's favorite bag I own.

    This is the only picture I have of her and you can't really tell how badly worn the corners and stuff are in it:

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