Your Most and Least expensive CHANEL bag?

  1. Hi all,

    Just curious as to what your most expensive Chanel bag splurge is and what you bought at a steal or the least expensive bag you purchased.

    I thought this would be a fun thread. =)
  2. least I paid was $200 or so on a chanel Ipod case, most I spent was around $1800 or so for a cambon tote.
  3. $2,495 Classic Flap - Dark Grey (Argent)
    $836 Pink Caviar Bowler
  4. sunglasses 300
    timeless clutch 1000
    expandable flap, PNY flap, MC tote -- all around 2400/2600
  5. OOF!I just paid about 3500 with tax for the new SHARPEY tote..It was quite painful(My first bag over 3000..wahhh!)
    least there such a thing in CHANEL???LMAO!
  6. least - vinyl cabas~$995
    most - cerf tote~$1850

    unfortunately for me, the 2 bags I want next are over $2300 a piece. :crybaby::cursing::sweatdrop::wtf:
  7. It seems like all the new bags are 2300+++
  8. $2500 for Large Grey 2.55, and I think$1900 for Navy Patent Flap.
  9. Timeless Clutch $995
    Luxe Bowler $2160

    Cotton Club wallet $495
  10. Ok, my turn...

    least: my cotton club pochette $795
    most: my jumbo flap $2,250

  11. :yes: same here the bag i want next is over $2400.

  12. ^ hahahhaha...nope, no more least expensive Chanels out there. Oh wow Jill, I love the Sharpey totes. Lucky girl. :heart:
  13. Luxury Flap in metallic black was my priciest, I can't remember now, I think I paid around $2400.:confused1:
    My Timeless Clutch was my least expensive BAG at $995, but my PNY wallet was my least expensive leather good.
  14. First and only Chanel:

    Baby Coco Cabas: $1795 ( I think )
  15. Black Patent Luxury Tote: $2750
    Black/black CC Cambon Bowler: $575 on sale!