Your Monthly Subcriptions ?

I don't suscribe although I know I should because I buy these magazines monthly. I'm such a procrastinator.

- Cosmo
- Glamour
- Marie Claire

Everything technology related, I read online :smile:
I only have subcriptions to Parent magazine and Child magazine b/c I bought something from PBK online and I got a year subscription to both for free. I had a subscription to Cosmo for 5 years but then I dropped it and switched to Glamour, but never renewed.
I don't suscribe to any magazines ( but it would probably save me money.) I buy Cosmo every month, it's my one must-have.

I occasionally will pick up, Elle, InStyle, Vouge, and Allure.

:smile: the only times I can be caught reading people, US weekley etc is when I'm flying. :-P
Well, I work for a media firm, so we get a ton of magazines here...usually political journals, current events - like Newsweek, Time, The Nation, Atlantic Monthly, National Review, Vanity Fair, New goes on, but I read them. Here are the magazines that I personally subscribe to: Instyle, Lucky, US Weekly, Teen Vogue, and Entertainment Weekly.
ZooMom said:
Star (I know..I know)
Computer Shopper

LOL... star magazine is a guilty pleasure , you gotta love it ! and you can see what they wear shopping !
I personaly get Vogue , Allure , the New Yorker (to feel smarter)Star(to kill some unneeded brain cells) and backstage magazine I used to get cosmo but ... it got a little to much like reading dirty novels ... made me blush :shame:
Vogue, Seattle, and Cooking Light. But every month or so I make a trip to Barnes and Noble to read the Economist, Atlantic Monthly, Lucky, Allure, Cosmo, and some electronics/nerdy magazines, then buy the most interesting one if I want to keep reading it.