Your MK Bag Regrets: Missed Bags, Colors or Return / Seller Remorse?

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  1. We all have styles/colors we either had the opportunity to buy or sold out before we had the chance. Even worse, bags you owned and returned/sold and now wish you didn't.

    After seeing @cdtracing Malachite Selma, I regret passing on this....I had a million opportunities to buy it on clearance even and didn't and now they are impossible to find!

    Tulip Sutton - Got this for $159 and like an idiot returned it. At the time I felt it was a hard pink to match with my wardrobe. Now that Sutton is discontinued, I really wish I still had it. The color is gorgeous. I also returned Luggage in Sutton for the same price. I don't regret that one as much since I have a Luggage Jet Set Tote

    Pomegranate. I was not really into MK when this color was out. I have many pink/purple bags but am missing one in this color. I wish MK would re-release this or something similar

    I am sure I could probably come up with some more. What are your MK bag regrets?
  2. I regret not getting something in Pomegranate as well. I also regret not getting the Lexi Emerald green or Cobalt Blue.
    There was a limited edition Miranda with the sides covered in different size studs. I passed on this one when I had the opportunity to buy it while on a trip to California. I truly regret it. It's one I'm always keeping an eye out for just in case one pops up on the resale market. [​IMG]
  3. I had 2 tristans that I sold, red & luggage. I wish I hadn't, they were such great bags. I also had a navy selma that I sold years ago in absolutely perfect condition and wish I hadn't. I passed on dusty rose selma's a few times because the price was just too high online especially when you add in shipping and duties. Luckily found a DR selma the other day and pounced, if I love something immediately I shouldn't hesitate - thats what I've learned! Lol.
  4. I only got my first MK bag this time last year, so I feel like a lot of really great seasonal colours have been and gone before I even knew they existed.
    I have built up my collection slowly and steadily and at times have bought a few things on impulse rather than actually loving them item 100% or considering how much would I used them. I bought a Selma mini Colour block in raspberry/white/black combo. Cute little bag but it wasn't right for my wardrobe so I sold it on. I bough a chilli wallet and then once it got here it wasn't the shade of red I had hoped it would be. Another regret purchase was a watermelon Bedford messenger. I was in such a rush to get the colour that rather than pay a bit extra and get it in a Selma messenger I bought this and never reached for it. Loved how comfy it was to wear but I just like selmas more.

    I find that I can be unaffected by a colour while its readily available but once I have seen people with them and I warm up to it then it's too late. I felt like dusty rose was like that for me. Didn't care for it when it first came out and then every time I saw a bag on here in DR I would gasp. I finally took the plunge and it's honestly the right decision. I will use it a ton! I'm currently debating if I need ballet in my life. With two small little boys my head says no but my heart say yes yes yes lol don't want to miss out and then it's gone for good, especially with the suttons :-/
  5. I usually buy when I'm under stress. Lol I bought lots of bags for the past 3 years! I regretted buying my specchio Hamilton bags! They are so big on me like suitcases. I fell in love with them but can't use them! I also bought the studded mk Hamilton. Way too big! I really fell for the hamiltons now I can't eve n use any of them. I don't have any "the one that got away". I'm happy now with the Suttons and have several. I bought a leather hole puncher and was able to make the straps shorter!! Nothing captures my interest recently. I should be bag content.
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  6. I really wish I had gotten a Collette in the Chili color. I've seen them on ebay from time to time, but never pulled the trigger. I do think I'll switch gears and get a Rogue from Coach in red instead.
  7. I had a chilli Colette that I sold. I didn't really like the gold hardware nor that shade of red. But, that red Rogue is dreamy....:love:
  8. I am thinking the Rogue is a better idea since it is a true red vs. a more orange red as the Colette would have been. I just need to save up for it is all, lol!
  9. I bought the blush medium Ava full price... At the time had too many MKs so I got rid of it. Plus I never like buying any bags at retail plus tax. I kept trying to get the Ava on sale in other colors.. Raspberry and then dark dune. Neither appealed to me as much. I finally got back blush medium Ava secondhand like new condition and I'm in love!! Definitely my favorite MK style and color combo.
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  10. Definitely something anything in pomegranate! The color is amazing, big regret. Also a Cobalt lexi by the time I decided it was sold out
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  11. Great thread! MK fan since 2013 here and definitely have my share of regrets...

    -the older shade of Dark Dune (slightly darker than the one out now) - probably my favorite MK shade! Even if I wanna buy it secondhand online, it's hard to tell if it's the older or newer version
    -cherry Ava - my favorite MK red
    -blush medium Ava - perfect mix of nude/pink
    -blossom - gorgeous soft pink (this shade also seems different than the one out now, but maybe that's just me?)
    -mandarin Selma
    -Cadet Blue
    -Zinnia pink
    -tricolor suntan/white/black combo in the smooth vitello leather Hamilton Traveler (which I loved more than the pebbled leather)
    -croco Dillon in dark red

    It's true I also tend to want things more when I see other people wear it, and by then it's usually not sold in stores anymore. I guess with handbags, if you love it, do not let it go!!
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  12. Oh, I remember Cadet Blue! Isn't it similar to the Electric Blue from last year? I had a hard time deciding on that Cadet Blue or Palm Green when I got a bag a few years ago, and ended up with Palm because I have a couple of blue bags from Coach. It is a gorgeous color.
  13. Like someone said before, it takes me a while to warm up to a color and when I do,- it's gone. Been like this with both blossom and ballet, but found both a few weeks ago. I regretted not getting the large selma colorblock in peanut / nude / white, and searched a whole year for that one. Found it a couple of weeks ago. My only "regret" is not getting a colette in that colorblock. I love how it reminds me of celiné. I've been lucky and found a few bags that I've missed. Like my favorite hamilton specchio bags that were cleared long before I got into MK. Love those beauties! Hopefully I'll find colette too.
  14. These are the bags that I wish I would've gotten: A medium Sutton in dusty rose and medium Selmas in mandarin and palm.
  15. There's currently a medium dusty rose Sutton on eBay... I keep looking at it