Your MJ bags (list and/or post pics)

  1. Which MJ bag(s) do you own? List and/or post pics...
  2. I don't have much but I do plan on collecting. I love his bags.

    -black quilted patent leather Ursula Elise
    -black '06 Stam
  3. 1. Elise quilted patent satchel in Black
    2. small Bowler quilted patent in Chalk
    3. Blake in Linen
    4. Blake in Nutmeg
  4. i don't have much but i do want more as well! :love:
    -mj blake in ivory
    -mj ursula zip clutch (black quilted patent leather)
  5. I have a serious addiction, and having been building a collection for about 4 years. I only have one picture of the actual bag, but I've added a few stock photos to give you a feel for the collection. And, yes, this thread is an opportunity to share my obsession!

    Here is the collection:

    (1) “Stella” w/original brass hardware, Grape (w/dusty blue suede lining), Fall 02


    (2) Multi-pocket hobo, Faded Brick (w/striped fabric lining), Spring 03


    (3) “New Stella”, Black w/contrast stitching (w/solid fabric lining), Fall 03

    (4) “New Stella”, Wine w/contrast stitching (w/solid pink fabric lining), Fall 03

    (5) Zip clutch wallet, Black w/contrast stitching (w/solid fabric lining), Fall 03


    (6) “Baby Devon” w/original brass hardware, Vermillion (w/pink suede lining) (bought used on eBay)

    (7) “Venetia”, Sap Green w/contrast stitching (w/dark blue suede lining), Fall 04

    (8) limited edition “Sofia” shoulder bag, Black (w/cream suede lining), Spring 05


    (9) quilted leather “Stam” satchel with chain handle, Black “ice” leather (w/wine suede lining), Fall 05

    (10) quilted leather “Stam” satchel with chain handle, Taupe “ice” leather (w/wine suede lining), Fall 05

    (11) limited edition “Stella”, Antique White w/brass hardware (w/cream suede lining), Spring 05


    (12) “Luca” large buckle flap hobo, Chestnut goatskin leather with contrast stitching

  6. ^^ wow, impressive!! I'd love to see a pic of all of them together!!
  7. Here's a weird picture of me with my quilted Venetia, it looks like I'm ripping my head off.
  8. 1. Stella in black (twill lining)
    2. Stella in light taupe (twill lining)
    3. Venetia in petal pink (twill lining)
    4. Stam in blush patent leather (twill lining)

    and four other Marc by Marc Jacobs bags.
  9. I only have one, a tote I bought from eLuxury. They had it listed as "Vegetable-tanned Tote" and I still don't know the official name - if it had one. I'll definitely be buying something in the future. I love MJ bags.

  10. These are the only two I have right now. I used to have a Blake but it was too heavy at the time (ha, that was pre-Paddy and pre-Stam!).

    Black f/05 and Bronze pre-fall (?) 06
    black and bronze 2.jpg
  11. Is there and has there ever been a venetia or blake in grey or putty? I am dying to know! I want one!
  12. MJ Elise in cognac
    MJ Small Lucca in black
    elise4.jpg lucca4.jpg
  13. love your bag, i had one before i sold it on ebay. the name is "new tote".
  14. LOL! That explains why I've never been able to find a name for it. :amuse: Thank you!
  15. I sold most of my MJ bags because although they are gorgeous bags, most are simply too heavy for me to enjoy carrying on a daily basis. The only MJ bags I still have are:

    1. Black east-west shoulder bag
    2. Espresso small Guinevere satchel
    3. Silver multipocket