Your mini pochette Have YOU???

  1. Done this??? Do you like it???

    I think I do.....:confused1:

    Kinda fun, and easy access...:smile:
    Post azur and mini.jpg
  2. It looks cute!
  3. Thanks!
  4. Oh, it does look cute. I haven't tried it though. I don't usually hand things from my bags but this is cute.
  5. Looks cute!
  6. I may do this with my batignolles & my Trunks & Bags pochette. I've considered it but it's not bat's turn to be carried again for a while. I think it's very cute with your azur!
  7. ^^thanks gacats... I thought I would buy the trunks and bags mini when I went to Ala Moana,,, not.... oh well, bought the bh instead and I must admit that it feels so good to have enough bags to rotate and not wear out... I understand what you say about not her turn to be carried.

    rotating is very very good!
  8. Yea i like it too.
  9. such a cute idea.
  10. So cute.
  11. It looks cute! I actually have started doing that with my trunks & bags and my epi montaigne. It started as doing it for having access to the mp but then I liked the look of it. Thanks for the pics!
  12. Tres chic!
  13. I saw something like this at the lv website in Azur, too. I like it!
  14. Oh I really like it. Nice.
  15. What a cute idea! I'm going to try that with my PopHaut! Thanks for sharing .