Your Method?

  1. so it'll be easier for me to save for things i want because the designers i prefer are Coach and Dooney&Bourke, which aren't as high end as the majority of bags up for discussion here... BUT i have a question.

    HOW do you do it?

    i have a job, and a roommate, who apparently doesn't mind helping me pay for bags (he loves the thrill of the chase, he's gay what can i say... FAAABulous! his name on here: mr.dooney) i find myself wanting to spend every dime!

    do you have savings accounts? force yourself to choose one thing?

    any suggestions?
  2. LOL I don't want to know just HOW much I spend on handbags, but I do have a job, and make myself put a portion of my paycheck every month towards retirement (THAT I won't touch no matter how much I want to).

    I think most of the money I spend goes towards handbags... before handbags, my obsessions were clothes and shoes, but I've gotten to the point where my closet is full to bursting (and I :heart: everything in it so I'm keeping them for the moment) so now, I can happily *ONLY* purchase handbags on shopping sprees!
  3. My one absolute unbreakable rule is that I don't buy a bag unless I can pay off the charge w/ in 30 days. That's the only thing that keeps me out of trouble.

    I set aside a few $ every week after I pay our bills and savings, and it adds up fairly quickly unless some emergency comes along. I don't really spend much on clothes and shoes. I have a very casual lifestyle. I work out of our home office so I don't have to buy a separate work wardrobe, hence I really don't need much. And thank goodness for that because that frees up my money for IMPORTANT purchases like HANDBAGS!! LOL!
  4. I try to keep my eye open for any sales...some designer bags do go on sale: Marc Jacobs, Fendi, YSL, Lanvin, etc.
  5. I usually buy just what I can afford, and try to fix limits. I usually don't spend too much for shoes/clothes, I think Zara is great for this because it's cheap but quite good quality. I save on hairdresser, nights out, I don't smoke nor drink alcohol (this makes me save a lot of money!).
  6. i'd buy the bag when i've the money to. selling things that you don't use anymore also, it's kind of recycling :p
  7. I have my own saving not specific to handbag but when I thikn I have enough saving plus extra, I will use the extra to get a bag.
  8. My husband and I have allowances so we don't get into spending trouble. I have to save my allowance until I can buy what I want. I also sold some old bags recently which has helped me finance 2 new bags.
  9. I'm similar to Larsue I have to be able to pay my credit card bill at the end of the month that is my major rule of thumb to spending. I work from home as well so I cut out a lot of expenses like dressier clothing, gas, lunches.
  10. I always keep at least a thousand extra dollars in my savings for emergencies. With that backup, I don't mind spending a little extra on bags because I know I'm not shooting myself in the foot. I also like to use bags to reward myself for doing good things. I'm planning on buying myself a little something at the end of the quarter if my grades are up to par. That way, when I use the bag I'll have good feelings associated with it!

    For big purchases, I'll save up as much as I can and then ask my parents to give me the rest of the money for Christmas or my birthday. They like doing this because they know how much the present will mean to me.
  11. I honestly have no idea! I quit my job the end of september due to a difficult pregnancy, so now we're on DH's sole income, but we haven't really felt a financial pinch. We still contribute a good chunk to retirement, put into savings and have recently added a college fund. :yes: We're not very social people, though, so I guess that helps. No going out besides the occasional meal at Olive Garden, plus no debt helps. I think back to my disposable income from when I was working and wish I had bought MORE handbags! Not that that wasn't what it was mostly spent on. :p
  12. I put half my income away and this is after retirement is taken out. I must admit I spend very little (for the most part) on bags. The money I do use comes from other sources (tax return, patent awards, etc).
  13. thanks for the tips! savings account is in my near future~!

    i DID spend my rent money (well kinda) i will be a week late due to pursie-related purchases, but i've said it a few times, our landlords are shady jerks so we don't feel bad. i've never been late either so they can wait a week.

    as for selling bags... i don't think i could do it, i'd cry! lol!

    i just gotta save!
  14. I mostly use "free" money. Tax refunds, bonuses, etc.
  15. i wish my obession wasn't so strong, ahem... i'd buy a new bag for every day of the freakin week if i could!