Your Mental Limit

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  1. Regardless of your pocketbook, what's your mental limit?

    I can justify a $1,000 bag. But at this point, I don't think I could pay $2,000 for a bag. I can't even imagine loving a bag enough, or so much more so than a $1K bag, to shell out the bucks. This is definitely a mental limit, because $2K is about a fifth of my tuition!
  2. Oh my, my mental limit? $1500. But for a Birkin, it's a different story. :biggrin:
  3. Mines is $1,500 as well, but even then I sometimes have a hard time justifying it.
  4. $2500 mental limit for regular bags...$10,000 mental limit for birkin :biggrin:
  5. ^^^ :lol:
  6. Right now my mental limit is pretty low :lol: I am not buying anything that's more than $200 until I get a J O B!! :P
  7. i thought my mental limit was $1k, as long as it was in cash...but i'm having a tough time forking over the $$$ for a speedy that is already sitting in my drawer earmarked specifically for that purchase, so that tells me my mental limit must actually be MUCH lower than that. :smile: i'm going to suck it up, buy it anyway, and be VERY happy like two days later after the initial shock wears off. :smile:
  8. Don't feel bad, I'm having the same problem!!

    I think though, if I had more money, my limit would be whatever my monthly rent is. (Which around here, runs a minimum of $500/month for a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apt., and like I said that's minimum - usually they're more like $600.)
  9. $250-300.
    However, there are a couple of exceptions to that limit:
    One-off or limited editions if I really like them.
    Chloe bags that I really like.
  10. Limit? Unfortunatley it's pretty high. I would say over $5,000 with the exception of the LV patchwork bag which is ((hold your breath)) $20,000 :amazed: :lol: I love love love that bag.
  11. my mental limit is probably $1000. no matter how much i want a bag that's more than that, i always balk. that's like three paychecks to me, lol.
  12. I take a lot of trouble to find special bags,but I don't buy one each month. My bags have to last and last and I don't buy them to resell them.

    Having said that,if I see a beautiful bag that I want I pay whatever it costs.

    Up to now the most expensive has been the Marc Jacobs Stam bag for 1200 euros.

    I was on the waiting list for a Chanel bag for 2000 euros though,but the stupid store didn't get enough stock:sad: .
  13. Which Chanel are you on the waiting list ? the reissue or the classic one ?
  14. I think mine is $400 - 500, but I still feel guilty. I would spend more possibly, but I want a new bag almost as soon as I get the last one! I'm never happy!
  15. My mental limit would be 1400 Euros I guess it's almost 2000$ but just for the BV ball bag. I try to stay under the 1k mark and except for my paddy it worked. I still have convertion porblems with Euro. A couple of years ago we had the DM and it was 2:1 to a Euro so even now I think: WOW it's 400Euros for a LV that's a good deal but when I convert it back into DM it's the double. But it works in lying to myself:smile: