your massai stories put my in FIRE

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  1. and now.... I'm the happy/lucky winner of a black Massai...... waiting exitedly for to come.... I'll post pictures .... I finally found my cord of the camera :smile:
  2. Cool! I want a black one, too, so I can run around NYC with my black wardrobe and pretend to be CBK.
  3. oh congrats! i was debating that one since yesterday! can't wait to see pics.
  4. you got yourself some black platform shoes, HG???
  5. say, like these?

    congrats on the masai, hkl -- can't wait for pix!

  6. Oh, shut up!!!:blah: A girl can dream can't she?:girlsigh:

    Actually, a step ladder may be more in line.:s
  7. lol. i wasn't going to say it....
  8. O wow those shoes are hot, only I don't think I would be able to walk on them? ...

    I'm not as chic as CBK, but wow those pictures are awesome.
  9. OK, I am so getting those shoes, dying my hair blonde, LARGE sunglasses and then I will be ready to go....
  10. After she married JFK, Jr., everybody in Manhattan wanted to be her. Her secret is a very clean, minimal line to her clothing and she dressed only in neutrals. Her mostly black wardrobe also made her look very attainable to everyone. The only thing that couldn't be copied was her hair. The term Bergdorf blonde was coined for her. She was forever in Bergdorf's getting touch ups. Her hair had to be more expensive than her wardrobe and purse collection combined!!!!!
  11. i thought she was a brad johns client?
  12. I heard Bergdorf's!!! Oy! Still, it's an expensive look to maintain.

    So, DQ, should I do it? Go blonde?
  13. i never understood the appeal of cbk. everything i read/saw about her made her sound well cold. including her look. the only pic i loved was of the wedding....
  14. For me, it was the clothing. I never saw her look bad.
  15. nope -- your hair is stunning. and perfect with your pink scarves.