Your Marc Jacobs obsession...

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  1. your MJ obsession healthy or unhealthy?

    (healthy=I have enough disposable income to afford and enjoy MJ. I buy one that I love every so often and I really must love it. I don't own a pair of sale goggles).

    (unhealthy=It is very easy for me to buy more than 2 or 3 (or 4 or 5 :wtf:) bags in one month. I am not spending responsibly. I often buy a bag just because it's on sale and I like but not love it.

    my response: unhealthy, for the most part.

    thanks for sharing!
  2. i would have to say I am more in the middle....I havae a healthy mj obscession as far as being able to afford them and no going beyond my means, but I do have sale goggles!! Is that a choice???? I am riding the edge baby!!
  3. Very good thread Kara...I used to be unhealthy but after getting control, I wanted to pay off my credit cards I decided to sell and save up money for bags that are really important to me and try my damnedest to keep my eye on the "prize". So at this moment, I'd consider myself healthy.
  4. Well, I guess I can say I am healthy, now. After joining this site, I probably overindulged a bit, but never really purchased more than I could handle financially. I probably purchased more than I need (but don't tell DH!). :shame:

    There aren't many places around her to see/buy MJ, so when I learned that you could buy MJ on *bay & get authentic items, well, I was so excited. I will try to avoid paying retail if I can help it. Plus w/ all the "insider info" on department store sales, I have done a few charge sends.....

    Of all the buying that I did initially, I only unloaded 1 on *bay, so maybe that means I didn't go that crazy. :shrugs:

    Right now I am concentrating on enjoying the bags that I have! :okay:
  5. I would say I'm definitely moving from point A to point B:shame: My obsession is fairly fresh and at first I definitely got a little binge-y. But I'm steadily purging and I feel much more aware of what I like and what works for me. I think that initially the sheer number of gorgeous bags can be overwhelming and it's easy to buy b/c it's a gorgeous color or b/c it's just so damn purty, even though you know deep down the style won't work for you.
    I've reached a point where I can pass things up and where I know what I'm looking for. I feel much more "in control" now.
    I do think that b/c I developed this obsession at a time when I'm without my own individual income for the first time in my life, it's been a bit strange for me. I'm used to contributing financially to our family, and now if I spend money on a bag, I feel some guilt that I wouldn't have before. That said, we are hardly in the poorhouse so I know it's not like it's going to keep us from making our mortgage payment. So yeah, I'm on the fence, too!
    Okay, that was like a Zeppelin song...Ramble On, Pursemonkey!! Ramble On!!
  6. I went a little crazy last month after not buying any MJ bags for about 2 years -- damn that discount! -- but it was all within my means. I'm pretty good about only buying things I can really use and have talked myself out of many things that were fairly cheap and that I lusted for (kelly green venetia, red klein, black stella, green/blue round hobos) but that would duplicate colors/styles I already have.
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    Last edited: Aug 12, 2008
    I'd have to say I'm ok for most of the year, except during sale season.... I try to focus on which bags I want, and go with those only. I try to avoid sale goggles if possible! After buying a house early this year and getting married in April, I'm still in transitional phase of getting my finances in order, while still being the breadwinner. My finances are under control, but it's not as good as it usually is. Luckily, I'm still contributing to my 401K and investing regularly. I need to start saving more now that the economy isn't doing that well - I need to put more in that rainy day fund!! I'm currently on ban until my money gets to where I need it to be. And I need to get use to that darn mortgage payment.
  8. ^thithi i didn't know you got married!!? CONGRATS!!!! :flowers: those mortgage payments sure roll around fast huh? LOL
  9. ^ Egads, yes! Too fast for me....I have to remind myself that it's an "investment." Grr.... I feel like it's sucking up my purse spending fund! lol

    And thanks for the congrats!! I'm still getting used to married life. I guess that means he gets to do the laundry and dishes more??
  10. oh yes!! train him right from the get go!! :O) you guys had been together for a while tho right? i'm sure he was already in line :P

    i total know what ur sayin bout the house sucking up bag funds!! grrr LOL
  11. ^Congrats on the newlywed status, Thithi! I think that first year is the toughest, when you're figuring it all out. But then you blink and it's suddenly your ten-year anniversary:heart:
    It does kinda suck out loud being a grown-up sometimes, tho...remember when you were single and living in an apartment and all you had to spend your money on was going out and buying bags and shoes?
    Ah, well. It's a trade-off, right? I sure do love my house and wouldn't for a second want to go back to living in an apartment! Plus I happen to love my life. So if that means I get to buy fewer purses...well, I'm okay with that:okay:
  12. ^ And yes, get him trained early! My DH does his own laundry and ironing, vacuums and mops the floors, and cleans the shower. And I'm a stay-at-home mom! He's a keeper for sure:yes:
  13. ^wow, pursemonkey...alll that and you get to buy whatever bag you want whenever??? I am lucky if I can get my hubby to put a dish in the sink!! (I am a stay at home mommy too!)
  14. yes my DH does his own laundry too and does the 'man' type chores like trash and what what ever else i ask him to do! [which sometimes gets rather long :shame:]soo mine is a keeper too :heart:
  15. woo hoo ladies...mine doesn't mind what I buy and even surprises me with super cool bags!!! But not one to go out of his way to help out at home...he's trained in the bag department though!! I at least have that he he