Your Marc Jacobs in action!

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  1. thanks H and JJ! i was one of the lucky ones who scored the lg. single from cusp for $313.
    my flats are from french sole (these are super comfy), i wish they were chanel! i have not been able to pay that much for shoes yet. :biggrin:
  2. You look great and you can't go wrong with a classic black Single. You have inspired me to take my Single out this weekend.
  3. Great picture grace! You look really lovely!
  4. Love it!! :heart:
  5. I took my Baby Groovee out for the first time last week :smile: Sorry about my cat in the background of this photo! She's not as fat as she looks here, I promise!!

  6. You look great! LOVE the dress! And your cat is adorable!
  7. speranza - that dress is gorgeous! It looks fantastic on you and the white Groovee is a perfect match!! Who makes that dress (we used to have a cat that sat up like that -- makes 'em look like the have a little "beer belly"!!)
  8. Thanks guys! My dress is just from Dorothy Perkins, a UK high street store. I bought it last summer and forgot about it until recently!
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    At Navy Pier : ) Turnlock Derby Mini


    Trying to find something through the binoculars, haha.
  10. Lovely dress. I really do think that the UK has the best high street fashion in the world!

  11. love that color! such a vibrant blue!!
    I love Navy Pier - I haven't been there in so long. When my husband was in better health, we'd go every summer at least once or twice. Used to eat at Bubba Gump's!! I might have to take my granddaughter there this summer! Did you ride the Ferris Wheel?
  12. Thank you! I got it right before my trip to Chicago. I really love the color.

    I love Navy Pier too, it was great! The view from the ferris wheel was amazing. I saw Bubba Gump's, but didn't eat there unfortunately. Is the food good? Dbf and I ended up eating on Magnificent Mile. The shopping there was great too. I honestly can't wait to go back. I had such a good time. : ) I hope you get a chance to take your granddaughter this summer!
  13. yes, their food is REALLY good (and of course, Forest Gump plays over and over and over throughout the restaurant!!). There's memorabilia from the movie inside too (did you see the bench outside?)
    We've ridden that ferris wheel so many time, gone to the Children's Museum, rode the Speed Dog - we even spent one (very cold!) New Year's Eve on the Pier -- THAT was something to see!!
  14. Now that you mention it, I DID hear Forest Gump playing over and over! I thought I had imagined it, haha. I didn't get to see the museum or ride Speed Dog, but it'll definitely be on my list of things to do when I go back!
  15. I never looked twice at this bag but it looks adorable! :nuts: