Your Marc Jacobs in action!

  1. ^^Sooo pretty!! You look great with that Stella!

    BTW, I love your new avatar pic. You always have the cutest pics!
  2. Thanks Chery!
  3. So cute!
  4. This is so much fun!! I am mid move right now, so my MJ's are snuggled away, but should be able to free them next week and snap a few pics!!
  5. Love your black Stella sofibella!! Super cute!
  6. I'll play! Here's me with my spearmint Venetia. I wasn't sure it was for me when I first bought it but it's quickly becoming my favorite!
    venetia outfit.jpg
  7. Love that color! Green is always so surprisingly versatile!
  8. Everyone has such pretty bags - thanks for sharing, and I love the variety of colors.

    Bag-addict I was wondering where you purchased your bag tree? And I feel bad for people who don't understand why someone would want more than one bag lol
  9. Love that spearmint venetia Keen! I am wearing green today too. I'll go take a pic. I am pretty casual today though.
  10. Here is my cucumber Stella today.
  11. I LOVE spearmint! Unfortunately very hard to find these days :sad: . It looks great on you :yes: and honestly, I think spearmint is best look on venetia. I don't know why :p
  12. Oh, nice! I do love MJ greens.

    And thanks for the nice comments about my Venetia, everyone!
  13. ooooh total LOVE:heart: for the cucumber Stella! I've never seen that color before!
  14. Keen---your spearmint venetia is fabulous! It looks great with your black dress!

    Sofibella--I'm getting super jealous of your Stellas! They're both gorgeous!!
  15. LADIES!!! I LOVE this thread. Everyone's bags are so pretty! Most importantly, I love how different everyone looks carrying them.