Your Marc Jacobs in action!

  1. chloeclementine -- :heart: Thank you!! I want to take some pics of her with my new spring outfits.
  2. Oooooooohh!!! FUN!!!

    Here's me with my 05 stam in taupe:

  3. Pretty bags girls! I'd take a photo of mine but they're all snuggled away in their dustbags.
  4. Cute action shots everyone!

    I especially love the bag-tree. What an awesome idea. Pieces of art.
  5. MPJ--love your black MP! Very cute!

    lv_obsessed--the icey leather looks awesome in the picture!!
  6. hii! :smile:

    this is my mj white east/west bag (i think)

  7. Rongai--I love that bag! The shape is great!!
  8. bag-addict - OMG!!! I LOVE your bag tree!!! :nuts: :nuts: Your bags are beautiful and so nicely displayed that way!
  9. That's an incredible collection!
  10. My maroon multipocket in action.
    multipocket.jpg multipocket2.jpg
  11. ^^ Cool beach pics couturequeen!!
  12. Nice pics! Although...I would be nervous about carrying my MJ near water, knowing how klutzy I am!
  13. Large Multipocket in Reykjavik...brrr
    MulletSallyLooWho Iceland 100.jpg
  14. This bag is definitely on my want list...Love that color!!! Love this thread!! Great idea Suli!!!! Using my Prada bag right now but when MJ's come out I'll be snapping some pics!!!! We need to get this thread started!!! Come on ladies!! Show us your MJ's!!! :yahoo:
  15. Here is my black Stella today one with my outfit earlier and the other after getting comfy.
    stella.jpg stella2.jpg