Your Marc Jacobs in action!

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  1. I've noticed that many of the subforums have a " action" thread. I did a little research and can't find anything similar here. I definitely think that we need a MJ in action thread, so I am going to start it...well, kind of since I don't have a picture available right now. I'd love to see how MJ PFers use your MJs.

    So, start posting away everyone!
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  2. Great thread SuLi! I can't wait to see everyone's pics! I'll take some of my own and post later!
  3. OK. I'll go first. I have a special coat tree which I use to display my MJ bags. They are "in action", if you will, as decoration unless I decide to carry one of them on a particular day. I get lots of comments from people about them. Mostly they are remarks similar to "why do you have so many bags?!?"
    MJ Bags.jpg
  4. ^ How cute!! I love your purple multipocket! What color is that?
  5. Thanks so much! The color is Amethyst (my birthstone!)
  6. Omigod! Amethyst is so to die for!! I doubt that I can find it by now excet ebay, probably. By the way, looking at your MJ collections, I've been scratching my head trying to remember the name of that caramel/nutmeg MJ bag you have. The one that's right underneath the amethyst mp.
  7. Okay, I'm gonna guess at some of these!
    Bark Sophia
    Amethyst MP (I didn't know before you answered)
    Washed Rose Blake
    Black Stella

    What color is the Blake at the bottom? What color red is that (in a MP?)? And is that a MP hiding in white?


  8. The color of the brown bag is Espresso and I *think* it's style is the double handle satchel. It has a creamy color suede lining. I really like the style of the bag, but wish it were just a couple of shades darker brown.
  9. You're good! The Blake on the bottom is Taupe. It's exactly the color of good khaki pants and has fuschia suede lining. The white bag hiding in there is really small--not a multipocket but much smaller. I forget the style name, but it has turquoise suede interior.
  10. bag-addict...I love your coat tree idea! They all look so happy together hanging around! I love your amethyst MP, absolutely gorgeous!!
  11. You all are the nicest people I've never met! Thanks for oogling my babies. I forgot to mention earlier that the red bag is a Tomato Suzanna. She's REALLY big!
  12. I think I read somewhere (probably here :P) that handbags are better stored in a closed space like a closet, stuffed to maintain the shape, in their dustbags, and not hung? But I guess if the handbag is empty, it should be fine? I will be afraid of dust, though. Well, I'm not sure this even true anyway. :nuts:
  13. Oh, my house doesn't have dust LOL! I put bubble wrap inside most of the bags on my coat tree to keep their shape and also treat them to cleanings regularly. I also take precautions to ensure that the handles/shoulder straps don't get out of shape. Hopefully, those measures are well concealed in the photo though.
  14. Here's my large black MP!! I should take new pics of her with me in a cute outfit. :P

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  15. bag-addict, you sure are very nice to your purse!:yes: I've never thought to take them to cleaners. Where do you take them btw? I mean what kind of cleaners? Dry cleaners? Or leather store? Oh, the caring for handbags that I wrote before, I got that from MJ card that came with my Stam bag. I think every bag has that little booklet.

    MPJ, I think you look fine cause I can't take off my eyes from that bag! :nuts: