Your man working at a stripclub??

  1. How would you ladies feel if your DH or BF worked at a STRIP CLUB?
  2. I dated a guy that DJ'd at a strip club and I was totally fine with it.
  3. Eh, I am sure it's fine for others but just not the type of guy I would be interested in. I prefer business men in a more professional work environment.
  4. Same here.
  5. Me too! A guy in a suit is so darn sexy!
  6. I wouldn't allow it!
  7. not a keeper.. i find it too hard to trust men!
  8. to be honest, i think it would bother me... and i'm not really a jealous type!
  9. first thought to my mind when i saw the thread was, "if my man was working at a strip club? you mean, a stripper? hot damn. hmm. sure whatever pays the bills, i don't really care. as long as he doesn't kiss/sleep with any of them, then i'm fine!"

    then i realized the answers to the other posters and i'm like.. Oh.. like a bouncer.. or something. LOL. nvm. :sweatdrop:
  10. I don't even let DH go to a strip that would be a HELL NO!!
  11. If I met a guy and he told me that he worked at a strip club that's where the relationship would end. Def. two worlds apart.
  12. These men can wear suits too working at the strip joint. LOL
  13. At first I thought you meant what do we think of our guys working in strip clubs as strippers.

    Yeah . . . I wouldn't date a Chippendale's dancer. Not that I'd have anything against the profession but male strippers are gross.

    If he worked as a bouncer / DJ in a strip club, then at least I'd know he's not touching them. (I'd have a problem with him being the guy oiling up the strippers before they went on stage, though.)
  14. glad i wasn't the only one that thought of that! :roflmfao:

  15. lol :amuse: