Your Makeup stash!!

  1. HI all,

    Though of a new post where members can post their make up stash:biggrin: and since I'm very curious would love to see what other members have :flowers:

    Here is some of my stash :smile:
    IMG_0283.jpg IMG_0285.jpg IMG_0286.jpg IMG_0287.JPG IMG_0290.jpg IMG_0291.jpg IMG_0292.jpg IMG_0293.jpg IMG_0294.jpg IMG_0296.jpg
  2. If I had to post a picture of every palette, I would be here all day so let me just post everything together
  3. How it's usually stored and laid out. But a lot of my stuff is in the freezer right now, the lipsticks started to "sweat" oil :Push: The third one were freebies
    cosmmarch.jpg cosmmarch2.jpg freebiesmarch.jpg
  4. here ya go!
    macbed2.jpg macbed.jpg macdresser.jpg maceyeliner.jpg
  5. I feel so much better...see,I thought I was a make-up junkie :lol: . Thanks for sharing everyone...I love looking at and buying make-up,though i don't wear much of it at all:Push: .
  6. oh my gosh, you guys have so much makeup! All i have is one foundation, a mascara, some powder, a blusher, lip balm and lipgloss! That's all i get on a student budget :P its cool to see it all though!
  7. wow amazing collections! thanks for sharing!..Winona77 uve got everything soo organized! mine is all over the place!
  8. right now it's a lot more disorganized. I'm not great at upkeep tidy ups. but this is the best way to keep makeup and be able to travel with it.
    all of the makeup artists who do shows travel with their kits like this now. Everything divvied up into labelled ziplocks and tossed into small carry-on luggage with wheels :P :lol:
  9. cool!! I'll try to organize my stash sometime soon!! but ive got to stop buying some more :sad:
  10. I am so glad I am not the only one with the makeup loving gene.:biggrin: I have many bags of cosmetics organized by brands in the bottom of my bathroom closet.
  11. wow how could I miss this thread? love seeing all your stash :heart:
  12. Winona77 I love it. WOW!! Fab! Fab! Fab!
  13. Wow...I am going to have to get the digital camera out tomorrow! Here is a pic of my counter stash, but this does not even begin to cover it (and this is when it's CLEAN!). There are at least three drawers full, and other stuff scattered around the house in kits. Note the "vat" of lipgloss, a pewter bowl filled with various palettes, and the "row" of shadows on the right! I will post more later...this should be fun!
  14. ^^ I see you use Purity like myself !! I love how it melts my makeup right off. Nice clean sink too LOL
  15. Wanna see the rest ET...and some more people's make-up LOL!