Your main squeeze and your purse...

  1. what does your main squeeze think of your purse habits? the phh thread made me wonder...
  2. BF thinks I'm crazy for spending over $1000 on handbags. Actually he thinks spending over $200 on a handbag is nuts!
  3. He thinks I spend too much money ... but he can be very generous and indulge me during the holidays by buying me one.
  4. My PHH tries his best to ignore it! :Push: ....and thinks it's hilarious that there is actually a purse blog. Thank god!.. he's naive about handbags, he still thinks I got all my LVs on sale for 50% off! :graucho: ...actually as far he knows all my bags were on sale, including my latest one a Chloe Silverado tote! :amuse:
  5. I just asked him (he's sitting next to me) His answer... He thinks that it's the most repulsive and craziest thing in the world.
  6. well, he doesnt get it... he thinks im nuts spending thousands of dollars on bags... he's beginning to like twiggy! hehehehe!
  7. Mine has banned the words bag and shopping in combination for at least a few months in our house, but then again everytime in wear a few he compliments how he likes them.
  8. Oh he hates it. Rolls his eyes at me everytime he sees me on here. He'll always ask me if I've sold any of my bags yet, especially the "purple one". Heh
  9. He hates it and wishes I wouldn't spend all that money on accessories. Lol. Poor dear.
  10. Funny you brought this up. Prior to me joining PF, my BF had no idea about my addiction. Now he notices that I spend a bunch of time on here... and I secretly think he signed for PF up or something, because he now actually points out nice bags to me when we are out. Just yesterday he pointed out a gorgeous MJ. At the same time he thinks I'm nutty for wanting to spend more than $50 on a purse. :blink: Oh well!
  11. I get the eye-rolling and condescending smiles. He thinks it's amusing. Apparently if I were on a fishing forum, that would be ok. The man owns 97,000 fishing poles, reels, and the like. I made the mistake of telling him way too much about LV, so I'm keeping other designers under wraps! We were watching something on TV and he said something to the effect of, she needs a Louis Vuitton (insert french word here). So, he has accepted it. IF he knew what I actually spent on bags, he'd have a coronary. I tell him I get everything from boardies!
  12. My Dh doesn't have a problem with it at all because he does everything to make me happy so I'm very spoiled with a man like this. He's so generous and modest, he never asks anything for himself. It's me who has to say: Go and buy this huge TV if you like it.
    Just this weekend he did it again: we went cloth shopping because we were at my parents and there is this excellent boutique where i always find something. I
  13. No real issues here, He's into car stuff so i'm sure we spend the same :biggrin:
  14. Sorry something wrong with my PC: So I just wanted to take the jeans who fitted perefectly but he insisted to take this wonderful dress where I thought it was to expensive. I ordered a wrap dress at NAP last week so I said to him that I will send it back when it arrives because I bought this other dress and yesterday the wrap dress arrived, I tried it on and it fitted perfectly but I was prepared to send it back but my husband said that I should keep it because it would look good on me. I'm not a big spender when it comes down to cloths. I don't have a problem spending 1500$ on a bag but $$$ for a dress.
    But typical him that he spoils me to death and that he wants me to have nice stuff. I have put on quite some weight during this winter so that my old cloths don't fit that well anymore and he wants that I feel good in my skin which I sometimes don't because I've always been a size xs and now I'm a size 6 or m and it's just weird to be more voloptious. Luckily the weight is everywhere and not just on my belly.
    So long story short: I'm the luckiest woman in the universe to be married to a man like him!!
  15. Hubby hates it...but tolerates. Every time something about money comes up I say "Oh wow I could buy 2 purses with that instead of a new couch for the basement". he laughs...but honestly he is really generous..won't buy anything for himself unless I force him to (unless it has to do with XBOX). He was the one who said "honey go buy your LV" I just recently told him I need 2 new bags (a balenciaga and a MJ) and he said " it up and go for it" and then last night I hit him with a new purse from the LV fall collection...he just said "whatever go for it"

    He doesn't understand it though...he spends 30$ on a wallet and wears it for 5 years. I'm getting him to adjust though...he used to think Dooneys were expensive and now when I say "oh the new LV is $600" he thinks its a steal because my last LV was $1200.

    What I do is buy my new purse and force him to buy something of equivalent eases my guilt I guess :smile: