Your LV shopping experience


Apr 3, 2008
Bay Area, CA
I just bought the Galliera PM a few days ago at my local LV boutique and I must say I am disappointed with the service. The sales girls just put the Galliera in a LV paper shopping bag and handed it to me without a smile. OK I am paying lots of hard earn money at least put it in a box and wrap it up nicely its not a $20 purse. Sorry I had to vent. I had to ask her to put it in a box and wrap it up. Sheesh.:cursing: Anyone else would feel the same? I was kind of disappointment because I spent a lot of money but received sub par service but I still love my new LV. :tup:
Jan 18, 2008
I am thinking that in some stores, subpar service is becoming quite common. I had a TERRIBLE experience about a week ago and decided to write a letter to the store manager and head office about this one SA I had been dealing with (he was beyond rude and snotty...) and I didn't think his manners were appropriate for any LV customer to have to deal with.

I say good for you for asking her to put it in a box and wrap it up, as it's your hard earned money that helps pay their salaries. I would have felt the same way and asked for a box. Don't let this person take away from you enjoying your bag as you've worked hard for it.

My advice is find an SA you really like and they will always treat you amazingly (unfortunately for my last experience I learned the hard way not to "cheat" on the SA I really like and have shopped with for over 10 years).


May 1, 2006
i agree that the crappy attitude is uncalled for. but sometimes you have to ask that your purchases be put in a box. some members here prefer not to have the bulky boxes. so it's sometimes a hit or miss about wrapping up, unless its your regular SA.

aside from that, did she even put it in a dustbag? if she didn't i'd find that extremely apalling.


Sep 23, 2007
I've been to a couple of mall Vuitton's where the staff has been terrrrible. They didn't help me at all, and when i asked if they had a tie in a different color the sales woman looked at me and shrugged!! I felt like i was at abercrombie or something. When i went to the soho and seattle stores, though, the staff was unbelievably helpful. The manager was the person who was helping me in soho and ended up giving me his card and saying that if i ever saw anything i wanted or anything that was sold out in the other stores to just give him a call and he would be able to track one down.


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May 2, 2006
London, England
For me personally, the box isn't a big issue. It just consumes space and I never use boxes to store my bags anyway, but if you do then I can see why it's a big deal. But judging by my purchases at other designer boutiques and department stores, I've never really got a box and it's just in it's dustbag in a well-presented bag with ribbon etc which is fine by me! :smile:


complete bagaholic...
Well I an in Toronto and have never got any good service at the LV stores that were in Holt Renfrew - the service at the stand alone LV store downtown is a bit better....

I can't help but to wonder if I should write to complain about the sevice I am recieving.... I almost bought a Palmero GM but I didn't want to buy from that snobbish sales associate that I rather wait to get it somewhere else.... I was seriously offended when the sales associate thought I couldn't speak English and tried to articulate each word in a sentence...


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Feb 14, 2008
Over the Valley & Through the Woods
I don't see why it was such a big problem for the SA to just give you the things that usually come with a purchase. It is really asking too much to put your $$$$ dollar bag in a dust cover and box nicely presented? You are paying for it BTW. I cannot stand rude people, especially SA's. I think people who are intimidated by or envious of other peoples wealth or success should look for employment outside of high end retail. JMHO.

I worked a 5 star hotel as an intern last year and some people were snooty, but I was always professional and nice because I knew what I was getting into from the beginning. However, most of the guests were extremely nice and happy people.


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Jan 26, 2007
In my experience, the best scenario is to get friendly with one SA. For instance, yesterday I went to LV and my SA showed me all the new bags. I didn't really feel pressured to buy anything but he went into the back and brought out several bags that were not on display. Sometimes, the SA will also remember you and call you about specific things before they are released to the general public, which is great as well. It took me almost a full year of shopping at LV (and lots of $$$$ spent!) before I found someone I really got along with. My boutique gives out boxes but we have to ask for them. I usually don't ask, as my closet is overflowing already!


Dec 2, 2006
Cypress, Texas
My SA always asks me if I want a box. I usually so no because they take up too much space, and my closet is overflowing anyway! Also, when I buy from Eluxury, they always come with a box!


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Jan 11, 2007
I feel badly for all of TPF'ers who have received poor service. I fortunately can not relate. My SA is fantastic, as are all of the SA's at my store.

They all remember me, what I asked about the last time I was in, remember what I've purchased...and I bought my first LV in December 2007 so it's not like I'm a long-time customer.


Nov 28, 2007
Not Close enough to LV
I have only shopped at one LV and the service was GREAT!
I think the high prices we pay for these bag should include great packaging (box, bow, etc - unless we request otherwise)! & service with a SMILE! (unless the customer is totally rude)


Sep 2, 2006
United States
I have only shopped once at a NM LV and once at a LV boutique. The experience at the NM store was pretty average; the SA did not really care if I bought anything or not. It was sort of disappointing. But the SAs at the boutique at Fairfax Square were SO NICE and I had a blast. :heart: I asked for the boxes and they wrapped them up in the boxes with no questions asked. I felt very welcome there and can't wait to go back!


Jan 21, 2008
Liberté;5910946 said:
I've never gotten a box in the UK for bags. WHere are you located?

PErsonally I've never gotten bad CS in Louis v stores.
You do get them in the UK, I always have, even got an extra one after asking nicely. And thats experience at Mancheste, Birmingham and Bond St stores.


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Oct 19, 2007
I found the service at the LV flagship on Bloor in Toronto to be pretty average- I've actually gotten better service at McDonald's, sadly...