Your LV on holiday/vacation with you!?

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  1. do you take your LV's on holiday with you?

    i never go anywhere whithout my pochette, so I came across some pictures on my computer with my pochette on holidays :9

    1. pochette on the beach of italy
    2. pochette in the snow in the swiss mountains

    CRAZY thread - i know..but I'm sure some of you also have their LV on holiday pictures, no?:smile:
    pochette in italy.JPG
  2. :shame:
    pochette mountains.JPG
  3. I took my cles with me backpacking, very good call since you can always hook it to yourself and just tuck it in a pocket ! :yes:
  4. :graucho: I'm taking my Danube and Sophie to Florida cause they fit in the in-room safe!
  5. i just took my new Monogram Carryall to Pittsburgh for Christmas weekend; it was a great weekend bag! and i used my Damier Duomo the entire weekend too, because the weather forecast said it might rain or snow a little :p

    i'll be taking my Monogram Carryall to Albany this weekend too, and also to Manhattan on Jan 30 :biggrin:
  6. Since I got my mono speedy I haven't used another bag - and it's been almost a month!
  7. Yes. My keepall and sometimes other LV are with me on holidays!!
  8. i took my pleaty to utah...