Your LV Gem ~

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  1. Who has a gem of a LV?

    My gem is my Epi leather St. Jacques in mandarin. It's extra gem-my because it was made in France and the color is discontinued so it's super rare. I :heart: that bag and everyone always compliments me and asks me about it. I don't think anything can be take the place and be my best LV (though when I finally get my hands on a Trevi PM I think it will run a close second). What's your gem?
  2. Show us some pics!
  3. I love all my bags equally. I think the one I like the least is my azur speedy 30.
  4. girlsgottoshop, really!!?? Why do you like it least? That's going to be my next bag.

    skyrider007 -- don't have my digi cam with me now, so that has to wait. Once I buy my azur speedy next month I will take both a baby pic and family pic and you can see it then.
  5. My MULTICOLOR keepall is my LIFE!
  6. I love all 4 of my LVs, but my black epi speedy is still my first love.
    It's just effortless to carry and still makes me smile!
  7. My "gems" are my ivoire epi Alma (love the timeless style!) and my new black neo cabby MM!
  8. mine is probably my Fall 2006 Embossé Polly. i went through a lot to get it, and it's one of -- if not THE -- most beautiful bags in my collection
  9. Not sure if we were supposed to post pics or not but heres mine
  10. hmm I am still to get mine lol...

    but this is one of my favorite children...

  11. and mine :love::


  12. Matt and Sandra, those are beautiful!! Thanks for sharing! I think you should all post pics of the LV Gems. I only have a damier speedy, nothing special!! :sad:
  13. Right now, its my Damier Speedy 30 (I know it may not seem special, but it is to me). But once I get that Epi Alma, that will change.
  14. My Pomme Rox. Hubby got it for my Bday and he picked it out with the help of my SA. I always wanted one but would never buy it. She's really a beauty!
  15. My Damier speedy 25 is my baby! It was my first LV and is still my greatest love! But I am getting my new-to-me SO Damier Cabas Piano in a few days, so I think that might take the place of "gem"!