Your LV Boutique is....

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Where is your LV boutique located?

  1. Stand Alone

  2. Mall

  3. Open Air Shopping Center

  4. Inside a Department Store

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Where is the LV boutique you usually frequent? (elux doesn't count! :p ) Kinda random but I was wondering about it today...

    Mine (Lahaina, Maui) is in an open-air shopping center. Et toi?
  2. Mine is also in an open shopping center. It just opened about 2 years ago, but I just found about about it 6 months ago.
  3. Inside a Hotel! (Hotel Vancouver!) :nuts:
  4. Saks here!!!
  5. Rodeo Dr.
  6. hmm i bought most of my pieces at a stand alone boutique (waikiki). but since my SA changed over to another brand, i've moved to a mall boutique (ala moana).

    ot: ValleyOppressed - i find whaler's village a confusing mall lol. the lahaina boutique is pretty nice, though i like wailea better for some reason.
  7. I think Montreal Ogilvy Louis Vuitton is in a department store.......(????)...............what's the diff between a dep store and a mall?
    Anyway, too late, I voted for dep store lol
  8. Ala Moana open air mall.
  9. No stand alones here in Dallas. I do go to the boutique inside Galleria which isn't inside a dept store;
  10. haha- I'm not suprised! Wailea is much larger and has a far better selection, but I mainly stick to Whaler's because it's within walking distance of where I stay and my SA is there (but I usually visit Wailea once every trip- otherwise I get things transferred).
  11. oops! Forgot about some of the Canadian and Asian locations :push:
  12. Either at South Coast Plaza Mall or Rodeo Dr. (Open Air)
  13. South coast Plaza or The Wynn in Vegas are the ones I like the best & go to most.
  14. Stand Alone
  15. Mall and inside department store