Your LV bag: Use everyday Or Baby it??


Dec 25, 2006
I'm new to the whole LV thing, just got the Eva and the azur Speedy 30 this summer. At first I thought I should only used them occasionally and switch them out with my other regular bags. That way they'd be in better condition for longer, keep their shape, no rain stains, etc. Then I thought that maybe I should wear them whenever I want, even everyday if so be it, because they cost a lot of money, I love them, and you never know what tomorrow will bring! What's the worst that can happen.. it falls apart in 2 years? Well then buy another. But i am still not so sure I am convinced.

What do you think?? do you use the heck out of your bags and enjoy them daily, or do you save them and keep them fresh and clean??

((for reference, i keep my chanel flap in her dust bag in her box and only use her occasionally because she is just way to special!! see why im confused?! lol))
LV certainly are made to last many, many years! I enjoy the Azur speedy 30 very much, even w/dark jeans, but never really babied mono/damier bags b/c of their coating. Avoid vachetta (the leather straps) from greasy or unabsorb-lotion skins, don't sit them on the floor, avoid long term sun exposure and you should be fine! If you want to protect the vachetta, we have some great Q&A for protectant and cleaning solutions :yes: Enjoy your goodies :flowers:


nyan nyan percent
Oct 19, 2005
Toronto, Ontario
Definitely every day ! I always try to use my bags.. it's the best way to get the full "value" out of them !
Aug 17, 2008
I use mine everyday. I don't use my LV's as much now, usually I use either my black Chanel Cambon large tote or my beige/brown Gucci horsebit hobo. But when I got my black MC Speedy when it first came out I used it like everyday for 2 years, I never really switched purses back then b/c I loved it so much and I didn't have my Chanel or Gucci yet. I used to use my vintage LV clutch a lot too, until I got into bigger bags for daily use.

They will show wear and tear if you use any purse a lot, the handles on my MC Speedy are in awful shape. I also didn't really know about protecting vachetta back then and it got dirty. One of the handles split on my Chanel Cambon, but actually that I was able to fix myself b/c it happened right at the knot so I just loosened the knot, sewed it with heavy duty thread, and then put the knot back and it's good as new. I had to fix the handle of my Gucci too, that was another quick sewing job. Apparently I have issues with handles, but the only one I can't do much with is the LV Speedy. I cleaned it and it is better but not perfect.


Jul 5, 2008
The Rainy City
I rotate them around with all the others. I tend to wear a bag for a few weeks and then switch it up, using the newest the most. As my collection as grown, I have more LV than anything, and as a result wear them most of the time.


Apr 8, 2008
Sunny SoCal, USA
I use my Speedy 40 for gym 4 days a week. Reporter PM and Keepall 60 are only used when travelling which is twice a year! I say enjoy your LV's but be careful of the vachetta.
Dec 13, 2007
I don't use mine everyday but only because I don't use an LV as a work bag. However, I think that LVs are great for everyday. They are made to last!!


Jul 3, 2008
I have been using a LV everyday but I have a few so I switch them out.. but I still sort of baby them ..I put them in the dust bag each night and I try to be sensible when wearing then ie. don't put them on the floor ,check before I place them down ..not in a crazy way , but just trying to take care of them so they look good longer ..but I do believe in wearing and enjoying them for sure! They cost too much to sit in a dark closet ...


May 26, 2007
California, USA
LVs and Goyards are my workhorse bags. They are so low maintenance, especially Damier. With monogram, you just have to be a little careful with the vachetta. ;)