Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. Love this bag, reminds me of my youth and that old Kanye West video for "All Falls Down" the actress has one, too!
  2. Beautiful bag!
  3. love this pic!
  4. what is that drink? it looks good or maybe i'm just thirsty, lol. looks great with your speedy.
  5. Yes! Lol me too
  6. Thank you :smile:
  7. Me neither...don't like their coffee or their politics for that looking at the bags though ��
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  8. My afternoon pickup.

    Attached Files:

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  9. Lol. Why are you afraid of Starbucks?

  10. Love Metis Hobo
  11. So fun! At Starbucks with my smallest yet most trustworthy LV item!

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  12. My two favorite things!! I love taking my Metis to Starbucks too
  13. I didn't know Starbucks only sell coffee.

    Moving on... Here's my W PM tote and the delicious venti iced coffee with three pumps of hazelnut, lots of half & half and raw sugar :biggrin:
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  14. Realized that she hasn't had any love lately. Had to take her out. :P

    Sometimes that's all I have with me too.

    Like I said above, giving some much needed love to her.

    Yum to both iced coffee and your W. :graucho:

  15. I have always wanted this bag. Certainly a Holy Grail bag!!!