Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. They still had both colors pink and silver at a new target most people didn’t knew recently opened and had Starbucks inside!
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  2. Thanks. You are right — I remember the stopper was inside the cup when I first opened it. In my excitement , I put it back the wrong way, lol.
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  3. I hope you can get one today GL. I didn’t know I “needed” one either.

    For me, it doesn’t hurt but it’s not the most comfy (tbh). It’s exactly how you imagine a crystal/diamond crusted cylinder shaped object feels like. But it is so “extra” :smile:.
  4. I’ll find a Starbucks when I’m out. We ️ EXTRA. Does @stylistbydesign know about this? Paging SBD!!!
  5. Totally missed red cup day! But I stopped at Coffee Bean today :smile: Happy Friday everyone!
  6. That PINK cup tho!!! So extra....I it!
  7. oh bummer SSSM. Don’t give up hope. I got mine yesterday from a SB inside a Target around dinner time. Maybe try a SB at a less busy/ popular location, lol
  8. Try a Starbucks inside a Target! All the Starbucks I’ve gone to had none but the ones at Target still had a bunch.
  9. The irony is, I don’t even drink coffee....or really ever go to Starbucks. But I will be checking (or DH will) for that pink cup, because EXTRA!
  10. Totally understandable! Hahahha almost same feeling as when I ordered PM Reverse!
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