Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. 39C3266E-E5CF-489F-A64A-69F4C9B8E6D4.jpeg
    My round coin purse with the tie dye frap and blueberry muffin!
  2. My two favorite things - Louis Vuitton SLGs and blueberry muffins!
  3. Me too!!!
  4. This could be my order, and I would be happy!
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  5. 5C0D8ED7-1CFA-4FBA-AB5C-F0FEA5AE2A4A.jpeg
    I took my brand new District MM to Starbucks today! Tomorrow she’s going to LV to get the luggage tag heat stamped.
  6. Great minds think alike;) Shared fab taste in LV & Starbucks!
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  7. Pochette accessories NM in DE with a caramel Macchiato 312ED02C-F07E-4526-A7AE-74FE258263E5.jpeg

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  8. this thread continues to be my favorite thread on tpf :heart:
  9. my 2.75 month old alma bb that i am patiently waiting to patina. my very used key pouch and my very dirty, but gently used clemence wallet.

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  10. This is a pretty picture! And your almost ready for a 3 month monthiversary !!!
  11. Sharing my new prism tumbler:heart: RenderedImage-2.jpg
    Had to pickup straightaway as it was the one available. Starbucks Canada has really cut down on all their merchandise, both in availability and any nice styles that you'd want. Such a shame! Selection is almost non-existent now compared to before. I used to look forward to all the fun seasonal designs. Do you guys still have it the States?
  12. IMG_9901.jpg
  13. ⬆️Drink this morning was my summer no-fail: venti unsweetened iced coffee with nonfat milk
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  14. In the drive-thru at Starbucks with this cutie. I have loved the Zoe wallet for a while and picked this up earlier this month. Loving the python detail with the cream empriente :heart:

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  15. Wow! That's a cool zoe wallet! Love it!
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