Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. Thank you so much! I love all of your bags as well. Man, that almond croissant is soooo good! I wish it were available all year around.
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  2. Recent Boston trip with Cheesecake Factory! I had to eat it 2/3 days lol IMG_9251.jpg
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  3. LV Josephine + Starbucks with one of my favourite bags for spring 19450FBD-C217-4EC9-B6F2-9DE9BB5186FC.jpeg
  4. LOVE your Mon Mono color selection!
  5. Going back to the old version of the mango dragonfruit refresher drink, super-sized (trenta):biggrin::P 15588092665393397328772197724692.jpg
  6. I'm gonna vicariously enjoy dragon drinks through yall I've been thinkin about trying it and finding out what the hype's all about after witnessing it's popularity on here and when I decided to go get one I'm struck by the flu :crybaby:
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  7. Awww, wishing you a speedy recovery and when you're well, try it out! It's really good in any version I've found.
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  8. :hugs::hugs::hugs:
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  9. Wait there's different versions?!?!?
    Thank you doll!!!!:heart::smile:

    You guys are too sweet!!!!:heart:
    Made me smile!:smile:
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  10. You're so welcome sweetie, and yes you can try it with almond milk or coconut milk, I've tried both and like them. In the regular version you can substitute the water with lemonade or juice but I haven't tried it this way because that will make it way too sweet for me.
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  11. Just had to come on here and say I tried the dragon drink with coconut milk today (I was with my in-laws so didn’t get any food LV pics) and I’m in LOVE. Thanks for sharing it here!
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  12. Caramel Ribbon Crunch Frap x Favorite MM in DA EE811385-3014-443C-8B88-58CE42455C60.jpeg
  13. Here in the UK we’ve always done this, is this not standard everywhere? The baristas tend to put them on for you.
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  14. I've never seen it here in the US in many states!
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  15. Waiting for takeoff

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