Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. Enjoying a peach tea refresher with my while waiting for daughters dance class. [emoji854][emoji254][emoji177] IMG_3673.jpg
  2. Bag twins! I’m deciding between the mono strap or a vachetta strap like yours
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  3. [emoji847]Please post a pic when you decide which strap! It’s fun to change up the look with a diff strap. Hope you are enjoying your egg too! [emoji254] Egg [emoji162] makes me so happy[emoji38]
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  4. I will! I’m picky so please bear with me lol. It’s been raining and I haven’t been able to take mine out, for now I will enjoy your pics :yahoo:
  5. Two of my favorite things! Cluny BB and Passion Tea Lemonade! [emoji175] IMG_4509.JPG
  6. Is this the same drink everyone here was raving about? I must try this then as well
  7. Partners in Crime - Starbucks and PM [emoji813]️ IMG_2470.JPG Met up with friends for brunch earlier, did some shopping, and than grabbed Starbucks on the way home!
  8. Montsouris GM and a lemon loaf ❤️

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  9. At it again with a trenta mango dragonfruit refresher with almond milk! 15558620798058926847495946222313.jpg
  10. Pochette metis and chai tea latte IMG_3076.JPG
  11. I really love this picture!
  12. Thank you! Can you tell me why...? So I can improve on my photo taking skills. :biggrin::P
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  13. It looks like you used one point perspective. The drink is small in the background and the wallet is big in the front! I love it.:smile:
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  14. Thank u! I see what u mean now. :biggrin:
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  15. Neonoe and Chai Tea Latte IMG_3083.JPG
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