Your LV at Starbucks

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  1. Is that the Zoe wallet?
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  2. Why can't the USA Starbucks have these drinks, why?
  3. Another weekend morning Starbucks visit with my favorite Starbucks visit bag.
    It's still January, but I added the heart to prepare for the upcoming Valentine's day.

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  4. [emoji173] Beautiful
  5. Thank you A!!!
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  6. My drink matches the interior of my Poche Noe[​IMG]
  7. I love this vernis colour, Sunshine Mama! It’s so lovely. Is it amarante?
  8. Thank you musiclover! Yes it is amarante.
    Just a random question. Why do you call yourself musiclover, other than the obvious?
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  9. Ha ha! I couldn’t decide what to call myself for my avatar. I had just started to shop a lot at Coach but there were so many other names with “Coach” in them that I couldn’t think of another that I liked. So I tried to think about hobbies I have beyond handbags and one of them is music (I could have been “gardenlover” :lol: as I also love gardening). I’m a musician, I have taught music in the past and my family and extended family members are very musical. Most sing, play an instrument or both. We attend a lot of concerts; choral music and musicals are our favourite. Not very interesting, but there you have it!
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  10. Got my bday freebie drink and the mini tagged along..:biggrin: tried an almond horchata cream based as it was too late to drink coffee.
  11. I have not heard of this drink before — sounds/looks good. Also love your reverse mono PS.
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  12. Thanks..when I told the barista what I wanted and mentioned decaf bec it was late he said he can make it cream based. Its like a milkshake with a hint of sweetness. I also think it was near closing time to mess with having to do a decaf. It was a nice after dinner dessert drink.
  13. Totally. I know it's laughable, but I cannot do caffeine after 2pm. :smile::smile::smile:
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  14. Beautiful and happy birthday! I avoid caffeine after 2pm too!
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  15. Late question but curious as to what are all your favorite holiday drinks??:smile: I've tried them all last month except eggnog latte :hrmm:(wonder what it tastes like?) My favorite was toasted white chocolate mocha. Also found that tastes vary based on barista's skills or lack thereof in their craft.
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