Your loved one?

I had just moved to Calgary from Moose Jaw back in '98. I started working at Wendy's at a food court in a business building. Well I got put on the 6:30am shift. That morning at 7:30 he came up for his coffee and when I looked at him I was burning up. He was the hottest thing I've seen in my life. I was 18 and I figured he was no more than 23. Every morning for about 4 months he would come to get coffee and I'd have it ready for him. One day I said to my manager I wonder what his name is, and he's like write ur phone number down so I did and I asked him what r u going to do...he went and came back with the piece of paper gone out of his pocket. The next thing I knew the end of the week came and Jeff came up to the window like always to grab his coffee and he asked me his friends I was the coffee girl to my friends he's just the guy that came for coffee every morning. I found out he was 26, 8yrs older than me...but that's ok we get along so well, now after a 4 yr break we r back together hopefully this time we'll get it right.
I met my boyfriend at work. I was with someone else at the time. We finally had a chance to really talk at my coworkers party and we instantly fell in love... I left my boyfriend at the time to be with him and it was the best decision I've ever made. WE've been together for 2 years :love:
we met in high school when we were 15. i told a friend of mine that i thought he was cute and it got around the whole school that day that i had a big crush on him which wasn't true. so the next day he comes and looks for me during lunch and i'm hiding out. just because i said he was cute didn't mean he was my type. so at the end of the week he finds me buying lunch with one of my friends, he comes up to me and introduces himself. he was so smooth and suave. LoL...or so he thought. i ignored him for a while, i didn't want to get into a relationship. i was 15 and wanted to focus on school. so after a few weeks he asks for my number and ever since then we talked everyday on the phone, even just to say hi/goodnight. six years later we're still together. married with two kids.
I met my husband at a Xerox meeting. It was off site: we were meeting to initiate the planning for an internet connected copier-printer. (This was a revolutionary product at the time) I was the product planner; he was the manager in charge of software development. During the meeting I was explaining how a customer would want to use the product and what that implied for it's required capabilities. These were brand new capabilities and most of the engineers really didn't welcome all these marketing requirements being laid on them and didin't listen especially well to what I was saying. But, at the break, he came up to me and we talked for the first time, about the ideas I was trying to get across. It was his group that would have to design and implement them. He had really listened. He said to me "you feel really strongly about that" and asked me to tell him more . . .

That was 1987.

We're retired now. He still listens, very, very well, among other things.
we met in high school. we dated for about a minute, i decided he was too intense and broke up with him. we stayed friends (he still liked me A LOT). i went away to college, dated other boys and compared all of them to him. figured out instead of comparing everyone to him why don't i just i date him? the rest as, they say, is history. :smile:
He crashed my 21st birthday party. I was with a group of my high school friends at a martini lounge and he just showed up. He was living/working in a different city at the time and was coming to hang out with some of our mutual friends. Turned out he was roomates with an old classmate of mine as well. We had some drinks, went to karaoke, and I just really wanted to get to know him better. So I emailed my classmate (his roomate) to get his contact info and we got to know each other online before he moved back to the city and we started 'officially' dating. We've been together for 4 years.
Sort of a long story---I met my husband at work-- a co-worker asked if I had seen the cute new guy (which I hadn't) and told me she would point him out to me if he happened to be in the cafe at lunch. Just as she said that (I was looking at her and not where I was going) I run right into him!! I was too embarrassed to say hello :shame: - so I just bought my lunch and went back to my desk. (We worked in a 5 story buliding attached to two other 3 story buildings). A couple of hours later I was standing just outside of my cube and there he was!!! He asked if he could just know my name and then told me I was a hard lady to find.... that was 11 years and 3 kids ago...:love:
Can Jose Cuervo be my loved one?

If so, we met one dull night spent at a friends apartment. We were all watching TV, and he was just sitting there- minding his own business. I was afraid to let him in- you never know with these things... someone could get hurt. Still, I took a chance and I've been in love ever since. :-P

LOL. I'm so stupid sometimes.

but seriously, awwww to all of your stories.:heart:
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