Your loved one?

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  1. I hope I am not repeating a thread.

    How did you meet your spouse, boyfriend or loved one? :love:

    I have a long story will only tell if it will not bore you.
  2. I met my husband on a blind date! You won't bore me, I love hearing how people met. So what about you Allfornothing?
  3. Yeah tell your story :smile:

    I met my fiance on an internet dating site:wondering ....I was new in Holland and he'd just returned home after working overseas for 10 years.I wanted to meet people in my new city. So did he.

    We were each other's first internet!!

    the thing is,when I met him I already had 5 other dates lined up in 2 weeks (ha ha) and I went on all of them...and he looked better and better with each so-so date.

    The dating site had a free one-month sign-up period and we never needed to subscribe:biggrin: .

    (Oh and he didn't arrange any other dates after meeting me LOL)
  4. A guy I was seeing at the time introduced me to his friend, my future husband. It wasn't anything shady though. My relationship with the first guy didn't work out. His friend and I became really good friends. Best friends in fact, for a loooooong time. Friendship turned to love which resulted in marriage! THANKS EX-BOYFRIEND! ;)
  5. my ex-best friend set us up five years ago....well didn't actually set us up she introduced us and seemed none to happy when we started dating :lol:
  6. okay here goes will try to keep it short!

    I was working in Italy and was kind of home sick so my cousin gave my number to her husbands cousin who lived in england.

    he gave me a call one day to ask if I wanted to come visit and we sent each other emails and he called allot before I decided to go.

    So it was the valentines weekend (didn't realize it was) I decided to go as I had nothing to do. I remember running for my life from agency to agency to get a ticket before they are all fully booked.Got one VERY EXPENSIVE.

    And I missed my flight had to beg the lady at ticket office to put me on another flight.

    He picked me up at the airport and I could instantly feel we were going to get on really well.We fell in love and I went to visit him often he was so sweet and good to me.

    We went through a hard time with visas before I could live with him in the UK, but it made us become inseparable. We are married now and I feel like the happiest woman on earth.

    But it's really strange when I look through my cousins albums and see my family and his family together it's really strange.Never met him but our family's are connected. WEIRD
    :love: Thanks for listening to my love life story!!
  7. Wow I never went on ablind date before give more details(if you want)
  8. One of my friends asked to join one of the networks where you add your friends, meet other people, etc. Well, I was hesitant because I wasn't looking to meet anyone. But decided to join anyway (mostly to just make my friend happy)!

    Months go by and I get an e-mail from a guy. ABSOLUTELY not my type (cute but just not for me...or so I thought...). But we start talking and he seems like a very cool guy. He was very shy at first, so I was asking him tons of questions, just to make him more comfortbale and get to know him better. After a while, we decided to meet. We had a terrible first date (way too many things went wrong) and I thought I'd never see him again (which was ok with me at the time). Well, he called me the next day and we went out again...had a blast! And a week later we became a couple! That was almost three years ago! We're still together and I love him more than ever! :love:
  9. That is so sweet isn't it funny that some bad things seem to turn out to be some of the best things.
  10. Lol - not much detail to give. Let's see....

    My work colleague set me up with her boyfriends cousin. We didn't like each other at first, but everytime I went out with my friend he seemed to be there. God, he was so annoying!

    Once we spent some time alone and got to know each other we fell in love. Ugh, sounds so corny.:sick:

    Anyway, her persistance paid off - she must have known. We've been married for 10 years. BTW - he can still be annoying but still :love: him.
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  11. 10years wow Cute kid by the way!
  12. Thanks, I have a 4 year old too but can't get him to sit still long enough for a photo.
  13. Thats so sweet allornothing!

    Well. This is kind of embarassing. . .but I owe Myspace some credit.

    My BF now had just moved to FL from VA last January. He had been talking to my neighbor through Myspace. Back when I had a Myspace, he saw my picture on my neighbors Myspace, added me and we started talking. I had been planning to go see him at work one day, but something always came up. Finally, my friend and me went to meet him at his house late one night. Love at first sight :]

    Do you guys think that's weird. . .

    :shame: :sad:
  14. Ok this has nothing to do with the thread but I think you are both gorgeous PERFECT COUPLE!!
  15. What cute stories you guys have!

    My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 6 years. We met back in high school. We actually went to two different high schools, and a friend of mine was dating a guy from the other school. We all met up at my friends house one night to watch the movie the sixth sense (I HATE scary movies). He drove me home that night and asked me on a date. Being 16 at the time, I thought it was the coolest thing that had ever happened to me. We ended up falling in love, and I'm sure hes the one.