Your Love Affair with H...Tell Your Story

  1. I've been lurking here....trying to learn more..eventually I'll probably start asking questions, but it's more of an exploration at this point...too afraid to commit just yet!

    So please, if you would, share with us your love affair with H. How did it begin? Did you dive right in, or were there others before him (i.e. LV, Chanel, etc.)? How did you make the leap to committing to Mr. H? When did it start? What bag drew you in?

    I'm so curious to find out how all you wonderful ladies made it here :smile:
  2. twiggers, Welcome !!:smile:

    Hermes was an attraction for me because I always felt I deserved the best in all areas of life. I carried Vuitton before Hermes but, once I began to use Hermes pieces there was little doubt that I would wear it almost exclusively from then on out.

    I'm attracted to the quality of the pieces and the personal service and was, at the first drawn in by a Clemence Bolide 31 with Pall h/w. Right after, I then began my search for a Kelly......and so on.

    Is there a style that is attracting you right now??
  3. I saw a picture of Grace Kelly carrying her namesake bag when I was a teen. Then I read how good the quality of Hermes products was. I've been hooked ever since. It's always been Hermes for me. Any other bag has been a gift. I made it onto TPF because I wanted to learn more about differentiating fake from authentic on eBay because I still hunt for vintage items.
  4. Well...I've always found myself looking at Kellys and Birkins! It would be awhile before I would be able to get one.....but I'd want to fully educate myself first anyhow...and for something this expensive, I'd also want to make sure I got what I wanted!!!!
  5. I was first captured by the wonderful colors of Hermes.. and then I saw pictures of the Paris Bombay and the Plume and it was :love: But what really made me switch over for good was when I went into my local LV store, looked at agendas with a friend, and realized that LV's non-handmade agendas were going for nearly $300 more than H agendas. That made me realize that I'd rather go for quality handmade products than generic ones, and the fact that I was outgrowing logos.
  6. twiggers, speaking as someone who doesn't own any H (except for a small bottle of Amazone bought on a perfume website) at this moment--I just love the amazing craftsmanship, the attention to detail, and learning all about the leathers and colors. Thanks to the wonderful ladies on this forum I've been educated on all things Hermes. While I'm not too thrilled about the annual price increases and such, I do love the brand, and am looking forward in the future to going to a boutique and coming out with my first orange box. :smile:
  7. I started off with Louis Vuitton bags until I was introduced to Hermes by a friend of mine when I was in the UK a few years ago. He mentioned to me this Kelly Bag that cost 3K Pounds. I replied to him what kind of bag that would cost such a fortune. He grinned and said that it was this brand called Hermes. He showed me the pictures of Kelly on eBay and we visited the London store not long after.

    From then on, I'm completely hooked with Hermes.

  8. So you have been buying H bags since you were a teenager?
  9. I started with LV and still carry them from time to time depending on circumstances.
    I don't have an H in my area, so all that I learned was on TV or from tpf. The thing that put me over was meeting a lovely pfer and holding her birkin. I was sold and bought one from a reseller a week later (my dream color and skin was no longer being produced, so a reseller was the only option).

    I love them for their quality, craftsmanship and timeless design.
  10. Twiggers,
    My love affair with Hermes began when I was 6 yrs. old and my mother (who is French) bought a brown box Constance (with gold hardware) in 1970 and she showed my sister and I how soft the inside of the purse was. She also wore Hermes scarves almost everyday (and still does!) However, my love affair should really be termed "passion" because of the what happened later that same summer, the story which I posted in this forum in September but I copied below so you don't have to search all over! (I apologize to all who have read it before:flowers:) I was also able to instill the passion in my late husband who became an Hermes addict (especially ties!) And now our 13year old is an Hermes lover who regularly steals my beware the addiction clearly becomes genetic!!!!!!!!!!

    "How I saved an Hermes purse"

    When I was six, my mother bought her second Hermes purse-a beautiful brown Constance purchased at the Hermes store in Geneva. My sister and I were in awe of this new acquisition especially since my mother would let us carefully touch the inside which was soooo soft.
    A few days after she bought it, she left us in my uncle's car right outside the post office so she could mail a letter (it was 1970.) While she was gone an old man drove by and looked in our car and I just knew that something bad was going to happen. My sister and I tried to lock the doors but we couldn't figure out where the locks were because we usually rode in my mom's Jaguar XKE which had totally different locks.
    Well, he did get in our car and the first thing he did was reach for the Constance bag. He looked at us and said, "Don't tell your mother." Little did he know that Hermes fanatics come in all shapes, sizes and AGES. I reached around him to honk the horn and started screaming my head off which fortunately brought the gendarmes and my mother and the whole incident ended happily with the bad guy going off to jail and my mom's precious Constance bag saved!!
    Moral: Don't mess with an Hermes purse lover no matter how young they are
  11. Nnnooooo. It was a long time before I actually got one, but even as a teen I knew I would own at least one in my lifetime.
  12. Kelly Kelly: What a fabulous story!!!!!
  13. To me, my mother was, and still, am the most beautiful woman in the world. Even today, whenever I go out with her, people always remark to me on how exquisitely perfect, like a doll, she is. My mum has always worn a scarf, even if it was not Hermes, as long as I could remember. When I got to adulthood, I wanted to wear scarves just like my mum. I had already noticed at that time that there was nothing like a H scarf. It was the best.

    I bought my first Hermes scarf when I was 18 with funds I acquired from a summer job. It was $400 plus tax (it wasnt silk); a whole month's wage but to me, it was the most beautiful scarf I have ever seen. I started accumulating and actively collecting after a while. Then I get to a point where I looked at my scarf collection and I realized that altho at the time, I thought I couldn't afford a H Bag, I could have bought ten H-bags with what I had spent on my scarf collection. So, I stopped buying scarves and sold quite a few from my collection and started buying H-bags.

    I remember on my very first visit to H, a gentleman was buying a cigar humidor next to me. I remember oohing and aahing over the sheen and grain of the wood. I have never smoked but if I had money I could throw away, I would have bought that humidor just because I think its so beautiful and I admire the craft and thoughtfulness that went into it.

    That is the beauty that is Hermes in whatever they produce.
  14. I started with Coach, working there, then when the Coach subforum was shut down, I started peeeeeking over at Vuitton. Well, shortly thereafter, I was hooked to Vuitton! This all happened within the span of 3-4 months. My old roommate, who stole my first designer bags, always carried them, and she really got me into the whole designer scene. So after hanging out on the Vuitton board for a while, I watched The Devil Wears Prada again, and I heard Emily Blunt mentioning picking up scarves for Miranda from Hermes.

    Well, that got me to thinking, Maybe I'd like an hermes scarf. Maybe I can get one for my new Speedy. So I peeked over at the Hermes forum. But then I adopted a kitten that was very badly burned, so all my money went to her vet bills, and some of the amazing tPF ladies got me the H scarf I'd been wanting so bad. It was a miracle! :tender: :girlsigh: :love: Well, after getting that first little box from H.... I was just hooked.... I mean, SNAP! Just like that. I've never experienced anything like it! It really is the best... and my tastes are simple, I only like the best... :graucho: :lol: :roflmfao:
  15. Naomi~ I started with COACH..bought everything (13 bags), tons of scarves etc..Loved it. Then I began noticing the prices going up. I realized I could buy VUITTON for those prices. Sold all COACH and began the affair w/ LOUIS. As you know I had been a huge fan LV until a few months ago. I got very dissapointed in the bag selection and began growing out of the logo thing as well. I purchased 2 MARC JACOBS bags this last summer. I adore the HOBO stam in mouse that I have. It can be dressy or not.

    In between all of this I had checked out baggaholics sanctuary..fell in love w/ her Blue Jean but thought it was too unobtainable to me. However~ it was always on my mind.:love:

    I would check out prices of Hermes and they seemed unreal! 20K plus...but then I began to notice some of the prices were not that bad when you consider how much I have spent on ALL my bags. This was the last 2 weeks.

    I began to lurk here and educate myself and check re-sale prices. The re-sale prices on ebay are CRAZY plus who knows if they are truely real or not. Thought it was again unobtainable and became frustrated. Then I began to read other re-sale forum's prices and they did not seem too bad. I had also heard that you could not get a HERMES without a long wait and you needed to be VIP.

    Then on whim, I posted in here and decided to just give HERMES a call. Forget VIP! I am a potential customer..and WA~LA! POOF!:girlsigh:

    Kelly Blue Jean is on her way. I am slowly purging my collection~ and keeping the ones I HAVE to have.

    Having said this~ I believe I will keep the MJ HOBO stam, Mono speedy, Mono sophie, Black le tal' (for now), mandarin speedy and damier speedy (for now). We shall see...if this bug bites me bad...I am in TROUBLE.:lol::sweatdrop::wtf:

    Come on in with me my friend...we can be bad together:devil: