Your Louis Vuitton is made from where?

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  1. Good day. LV lovers know for a fact that LV bags are made either in France, Spain or USA. Just wanna know your opinion if it bothers you if you purchased a bag which is made in USA because LV originates from France? I'm planning to buy the damier berkeley but I'm afraid it's made in USA though I know for a fact that all LV no matter what country produces the bag is with the same quality. I'm just concluding that the new berkeley is made in USA since only the e store of LV USA has this picture. The France and UK doesn't have this picture yet. Please enlighten me and give me your opinion. Thanks so much. First time here. :smile:
  2. I can't tell a difference in my bags and I think all 3 were made in different places.
  3. i have a france and USA one, and they're exactly the same quality.
  4. I have France and USA--they're the same to me.
  5. Honestly, I've got both France and USA made LV and I can't tell the difference one bit.
  6. Doesn't bother me.

    Coach bags are US brand, yet made in China.

    Cristobal Balenciaga is a Spaniard, yet the bags say made in France.

    Does it really matter? Not to me :p
  7. Mine are made in both the USA and France and I can't tell a difference in quality. If you love a bag and it's auth LV, what difference does it make where it was made?
  8. I have Vuitton from all three countries too, and the quality is the same. Where your bag originates from is pretty much random. Just because it is purchased from the USA e-store doesn't mean it will always be a USA made product. I've gotten all three countries purchasing from eLuxury.
  9. SOOmnay threads about this already.
    This belongs in the LV Forum, but please do a search first and join one of our many topics on this that have been posted already.
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