Your List

  1. I have a list of LV bags to you? What's on your list?

    Here's mine:
    1. Discontinued pochettes (cerises, panda, cherry blossom & graffiti for now)
    2. papillon 30 (mono)
    3. cherry blossom papillon (brown)
    4. cerises speedy
    5. manhattan
    6. mono cles
    7. the new fall '06 black mono speedy
    8. cabas (not sure which size...need to see IRL first)

    I think that's it!
  2. Mine's shorter :amuse:

    - Saleya PM OR Damier Speedy 25
    - Mono Speedy 25
    - Pochette Croissant
    - Batignolles Horizontal OR Saleya MM
  3. Mine is ridiculous.. it goes something like -

    1) Ambre Cabas GM (or MM)
    2) white MC trouville
    3) white MC shirley
    4) white suhali l'epanoui GM
    5) white suhali le fab
    6) white MC koala
    7) white MC wapity

    I really like white right now !
  4. 1. khaki graffitti speedy
    2. tweedy
    3. trompe l'oeil pochette
    4. black or white le fab
  5. Mine is even shorter:huh:
    Suhali L'Inoubliable pm in white OR Stamped pm bag in brown????
  6. Small list:
    • French Purse in Framboise Vernis or New Red Epi or maybe mono
    • Keepall 45 with shoulder strap
    • Popincourt Haut or Saleya PM
    • Something little from Groom line
  7. Ooooo....

    Keepall 50 or 45
    Some sort of Agenda (havent made up my mind just yet)
    Denim Silk Scarf (still waiting for it to come into my LV so I can see IRL)
    Manhattan GM
    White MC Speedy (I dont usually go for the MC line but after seeing pics everywhere on this site I am starting to swoon)
    The Cabas from the Antigua line.
    A brand new White graffiti speedy (this will never happen but hey a girl can dream)
    Cabas Mary Kate from the monogram mini line (I dont see a lot of the mono mini on here..hmmm...)
  8. i only have 3 on my list at the moment: a Utah key/coin pouch, Monte Carlo Initials loafer and a black Tobago shoe bag :love:
  9. Mirror Speedy
    Waltz Oskar:love:
  10. Mono Speedy 25 (which I just got!! Yayyyyyyyyy!!!)
    Batignolles Horizontal
    MC Alma
    Koala Agenda

  11. 1. LV bracelet (not sure which one, maybe koala)
    2. Damier speedy 25
    3. CB red/cream PTI, cles, carnet de bal and mirror
    4. white MC wapity
    5. Suhali geranium l'epanoui PM
    6. Possibly a pair of LV shoes
  12. Pretty small list:

    Vernis Valet Key (preferably in the color of my bedford...I don't know the exact name, but it's a sandy color)

    Vernis Cles

    That's it.:shocked:

    Nah I'm just joking with you!:biggrin:

    I also want a Hudson PM.

    That's all really. They rest of the stuff would just be icing on the cake!:yes:
  13. chelsea
    batignolles h
  14. My list is surprisingly short :huh:

    - Pegase 60
    - Damier Koala Wallet
    - Batignolle Vertical
  15. Red Epi Jasmine
    Framboise Vernis Houston
    Trouville.... for now