your list, and wiggle room

  1. when ordering/seeking a bag, do you prioritize the specs in order of most important so that there is some wiggle room if, for example, it's the right leather, color, style (sellier vs. retourne), hardware but not size?
    what is your order of importance?

    for me, i think style, leather, size, hardware, color.

    anyone who had a priority order and found it tossed on it's side by a chance encounter with another bag?

  2. This is making me feel that I'm very inflexible because I have noooo wiggle room at all. If it's the right color and leather but not the right size, I won't ever take it. If it's the right color and leather but not the right style (souple vs. rigide), I won't take it either. I tried compromising on size, leather, and style on three different occasions and really regretted it.

    I think the only wiggle room I have is the type of bag. As long as they're all fuchsia ostrich and the right size, then I can do Bolide, sellier Kelly, Birkin, and HAC as long as they're my size.
  3. My order goes leather, size, hw, color, style. I have a lot of wiggle room because I am not too particular on color (There are a lot of colors I love.) I think when I go to the boutique from now on I am just going to ask about leather. I just want to see a togo/clemence Kelly irl and I think they might have had one in SF in the back room but as I was looking for gold HW they didn't bring it up? :confused1:
  4. ah, for me, kou, the main issue is the bag. no wiggle room about it being a kelly. i would be flexible about color and hardware. i have my heart set on box leather (but even then, if i saw and learned more about vache liegee... who knows), and the size, well, even that's open if everything else were right, because i know i can carry either 28 or 25.
  5. I go for style, size, color, leather! I'm quite flexible as sometimes Cupid just strikes an arrow to my heart and I'm a gonner!
  6. Style, size, leather, color, hardware. I'm pretty inflexible, as well. That's why I don't mind waiting.
  7. I have nothing but wiggle room. I think the reason is I may have learned some knowledge about leather/color/size/hw. but when it comes to seeing what I want IRL..that's when I know if it's right. sitting here imagine about my ideal dream bag is good. but gotta see it in person! it's all about the cupid factor...
  8. if it were your first bag, would this order be the same?

    once i got the go-ahead/was ready to buy, i wouldn't mind the wait either. can't wait to get to that stage to seriously narrow down what i want.
  9. I would still wait, I am that picky.
  10. If it is a bag that I really want (let's face it - they are all bags I really want - LOL!!) I am only flexible on color. When my rouge H chevre fell through, I switched to vermillion. But, it had to be a 25cm Kelly, had to have outside stitching and gold h/w. But, that doesn't mean I might turn down another Kelly that came along, too!:smile:
  11. I'm not that flexible anymore...LOL!!! For me it's: Style, Size, Leather, Color, Hardware. I'm pretty flexible on the hardware though and somewhat flexible on the size. And vintage box leather ALWAYS gives me pause.....
  12. Hmm..Im flexible because as long it looks nice I would be considering it :smile: But its strange because when I put my specs for my Kelly (I wanted to have wiggle room) but my SA said I only need to pick what I want and that bag will be made the exact way I specified. For instance, I liked both palladium and gold hardware so I said BOTH IS Ok, but she told me pick one and they will make my bag the way I picked. So ... I wish there was more wiggle room for my list!
  13. I CAN be flexible--but I don't like compromising; however, having said that, I'll find that something I've been pining away for just doesn't appeal to me anymore once I see it IRL. For me it's Style, Leather, Size, Color, and Hardware
  14. Just want to add that I'm definitely flexible on hardware. I think that's the only thing I'm actually flexible about. hey, they can even make it really funky or ugly by having a trio of clashing metals and I still would be cool with it.
  15. Oh yeah - it happens. I thought I wanted a 30cm gold Togo Birkin. Fell in love with a 35cm Potiron Togo!
    I think everyone needs one Holy Grail bag in which you will not budge on any specs.
    For me, especially in Birkins and Kellys, my list goes like: Leather, Color, Size, style, HW