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  1. I've noticed that the majority of you carry extrmely expensive handbags- bags that I would only dream of carrying. The most expensive purse I have ever bought for myself was $100. If I had the money, I'd kill for a chocolate brown Spy Bag or a Balenciaga, but I'm still a student so those are out of the question for me. :shame:

    So.. What's the most YOU would ever spend on a purse, and how much did your most expensive purse cost you?
  2. We had a thread about this awhile ago. My last expensive bag I bought (and still waiting for it to arrive) is the Balenciaga first- $1000. Highest limit I'll go for as of now is probably $1500. In the future, who knows.

    When I was a college student, my most expensive bag was like $80. So wait until you start working... ;)
  3. I'd say my comfort zone is $2500 per bag, I'm a student and I have yet to get a real hopefully when I do the comfort zone expands a bit :lol:
  4. $2500... comfort... student... jobless?! How do you do it?!
  5. The most I've spent on a bag was US$1650.00 or so on a multi color speedy. That was plenty enough!
  6. My most expensive bag was a $3,000 Chanel bag that I never carry because it's so easily ruined. Bad purchase.

  7. Family who humors my bag habit :lol: Without that support, my collection would be nothing.
  8. Right now, I'd be willing to spend around $1000 for an LV bag. My most expensive is the LV MC Speedy 30 (close to $600 with tax) but BF said he'd pay me back (it was a random, impulse purchase). So I guess that would be a kate spade bag I have for close to $150 (it was on sale).
  9. The most expensive bag I have purchased with my money is a $425 Andrea Brueckner. The most expensive one I own is the Spy bag.
  10. most expensive is = Balenciaga Twiggy, but LV Speedy was the first! But i'd probably only spend $1000 max on a bag... i think
  11. The most I've spent was $1880 on a BV ball purse--but I had a $500 credit. So that was $1380 out of pocket. That's the MOST I'd spend, the $1380... I can't hit the $1500 ceiling.
  12. My speedy 30 is my most expensive bag that I have bought for myself! But the White MC Bolonge is the most expensive bag that was givin to me by my best friend. The bolonge runs about $1800.00...Which I could never justify spending on myself. So I would say my limit would be a grand.
  13. My highest is about $900 on a bag, I really wouldn't spend much more than that.
  14. My highest is $1000, but with the luxury goods market going up in price, that may change since I am eyeing a couple of bags right now. I am trying desparately to be "good" and maybe if I can resist, I will buy myself something really nice at the end of the year (I know, it's too early to think that far ahead, but I can try ;) ).
  15. I'd spend up to $2,000 :oh: don't tell my hubby I said that :lol: .Just kidding ladies,hubby knows what I spend on my purses,heck he even chips in if it's something I really want.
    But believe me when I spend big $$$$ on a purse it must be something I would carry often.:smile:
    The most expensive one I've purchased so far was my LV Manhattan GM,PAID $1,640 ,the taxes put that one over $1,700.

    BTW,I pay cash for items such as these as I don't like or have any credit card debt .