Your Limit?

  1. I'm wondering what everybody's LV bag limit is? I read recently on another thread someoen's bag limit was 5...which I think I'm going to adopt as well. Otherwise do your bags just sit in the dustbags? So what is your limit at one time?
  2. My limit all on the same day was : 4 bags
  3. I hope I got the question, LOL.
  4. My limit is one bag, then rest then another bag. I have only 2 arms to be able to use the bags.
  5. I am answering based on the question being how many bags to you buy in one day.
  6. LOL! You all crack me up! I mean how many bags total purchased at one time. Meaning you wear one and how many will sit in your closet or trunk?
  7. I am out of control no limit todate. I am thinking of having kids in the next couple of years, as that time nears I will cut back on buying bags.
  8. I don't exactly have the luxury being able to buy multiple bags in a short amount of time. If I buy a new bag, I have to use it for while before I buy another. So I guess you could say my limit is one.
  9. One bag a year. I've learnt over 40 years to too many bags end up collecting dust. If it's a good year maybe 4 bags and ONLY if I am crazy in love with them. They must be worned though else they are getting returned! I like living vicariously through the members of the forum which helps to alleviate my obsession!:angel:
  10. Whoops. Sorry. Okay one I use and who knows how many sit in the closet. :sweatdrop:
  11. I try to have 3 bags from each designer at a given time. Sometimes I get more. I recently bought 5 LV bags at once.

    I use my bags often because of my traveling and all the events I have to attend.
  12. The Sky is the Limit...
  13. I haven't actually set a limit. I currently have 2 speedies and my mini pochette (i consider it a bag cuz i use it for going out) because my money has thus far limited me to those for the moment. But I can't see having more than 5 at a time. Otherwise at least 3 would just sit there unloved and unused!
  14. As you can see in my signature (which is outdated), I don't have a limit. I really need to update my LV colletion picture with my new purchases.
  15. I usually buy myself something LV once a year, usually at my birthday. But I am making more money now so I might change my limit. ;)