Your laziest day ever?

  1. Isn't there something just so decadent about taking a lazy day? Relaxing and doing exactly as you please.

    Last night, I finished reading Pride and Prejudice (yes, again :blush: ) and now I am settled in on the sofa with my cozy tink throw, some left over pasta and watching the BBC miniseries. I here I plan to veg all day :p , DH is playing golf this afternoon, so we're just having pizza for dinner.....ahhh....

    What's your favorite lazy day?
  2. I love sleeping in until 10-11ish in the morning and then having a long breakfast with the newspapers. Watching a movie in the day is always a treat too.
  3. i LOVE snow days when my college is closed an I can just hang around in my PJs allday. I love being wrapped up in a warm blanket on the couch watching tv or a move while its cold and bitter outside. A nice mug of hot chocolate is great on those days too!!
  4. I rarely get them any longer. I work from home so I try to get all of my work out of the way before the boys get out of school (2--one preschooler and one in middle school). I'm very busy early in the mornings and my day starts very early --4:30am.
    When I do get a day---I try to take a couple per month that are JUST FOR I wake up late---Late for me is I can't sleep past that time---even if I try. Weird...
    I get on my chaise in the sitting area of our bedroom and I will read--everything...a book I'm finishing mags..
    We have a theatre area down in our basement and I set myself up in one of the big comfy chairs, put my favorite throw over myself and I will watch my favorite movies back to back. We also have the projector set up so that the TV stations can be viewed also when you are not watching movies. So when I watch all of my favorite DVD's..I'll just set it on Lifetime Television and watch all of those movies back to back. I eat junk all day and don't bother with my regular workout
    For dinner I usually order chinese for us on these days.
    Everyone is happy when mom is happy!
  5. Hmm, today might be one of them! We had a snow day today (woo hoo!), and I'm on the couch with my two dogs, still wearing pajamas, wrapped up in my robe and favorite quilt. We're all being so lazy! I didn't have to work today, either, so it's nice. Oh, and I was supposed to have an exam today (in less than an hour) so I'm really enjoying that one. I have tons of homework I should be doing, but I decided I'll do it this weekend and enjoy my unexpected day off and just pretend I'm not a student. ;)
  6. Today is def. one of them. I'm on Spring Break. So far I've got some sandwich-making and online shopping done. :graucho:
  7. My favorite lazy day is taking a vacation day that's not adjacent to the weekend (like a Tuesday) and watch crappy daytime TV until my stomach propels me to the fridge. Then I go back to bed, with maybe a detour to the couch and a pit stop in the bathroom, holding a bag of chips or a box of cookies and remain in the horizontal position with hand auto-piloting from food to mouth.

    Ahh, wouldn't that be nice right now...:p
  8. I love just hanging out at home watching tv, using the computer, reading and listening to music in my pj's all day. :amuse:
  9. Sitting at home, reading tpf, browsing fashion blogs, looking at photos from shows, a movie playing in the background (amalie right now), laying in the sunlight next to my cat... painting my nails.

  10. ever since I got knocked up- everyday has been a lazy day (I'm 6 months) I get headaches from being so lazy. But I am just to tired to do anything!
    My perfect lazy day would be shopping and going out for lunch with my kids. And walking around the local farmers market...............THAT would be my perfect lazy day!!
  11. today was pretty lazy - i went to my early class, but i'm sick as a dog so i came home, got in bed, and slept through my last three classes. i just couldn't take it today. i felt like i was going to die after just one class. ick!
  12. ^^^sorry to hear your not feeling well Amanda, I hope your better soon :smile:
  13. Just a day when I don't have to go out & can stay at home & do little, even then I am always "doing" very rare for me to relax!
  14. my favorite lazy day is sleeping till 11 am! then making belgian waffles REALLY slow after walking my dog. i'd also read since i usually never have time or watch FOOD NETWORK my favorite channel. then i'd let my SO come over and bring me food then sleep haha
  15. Just being at home being in my PJ's all day watching movies and hanging out the couch or on th PC surfing the net. Ahhhh...