Your latest shopping spree...what did you buy?

  1. Hi everyone,

    Alot of people post their purchases on the miscellaneous handbag categories...but I thought it would be nice to share a more general shopping spree synopsis.
    So..where'd you go lately...what did you buy?? I'd love to hear!

    My latest spree was on Michigan Avenue in one day I bought the following:

    LV MC Lodge handbag from Saks
    Burberry light blue check handbag
    Coach medium Hamptons tote (black/blue)
    3 pairs of 7FAM denim jeans (2 pairs at full price at Saks and 1 pair from Filene's Basement...I LOVE Filene's!!!!!)
    1 pair of Bass flip flops
    1 pair of Rocket Dogs flip flops
    Michael Kors green polo shirt
    Michael Kors black Tshirt
    FCUK top
    Juicy Couture sweat pant capris
    DKNY capris
    2 GRAIL brand tops
    a couple Junk Food tops
    CK capris with gorgeous matching top (the colors were perfect together!)
    another CK summer top
    BCBG denim jeans
    3 Tommy lounge around tops
    Burberry London perfume (new scent out this spring)

    I think that was it....oh yeah...and a Giordano's Chicago stuffed pizza for the hubby lol I got all that and he got pizza!!!!

    And a maxxed out credit card lol

    That capped my spending for quite a while....hubby says I'm cut off from Chicago until the end of August :cry:

    I'd love to hear what you all might have bought on a recent spree!!! Maybe it'll give me some ideas for a future spree!
  2. Over the last week, I bought the new Chanel luxe line Flap.
    Today I bought 2 pairs of bermudas and 3 tops from Banana Republic.
  3. Sweet! I've been meaning to get into banana republic...I need some comfy casual capris for the summer (something non-denim)!
  4. I bought a cardigan from GAP, and it was only $5.
  5. I found a gorgeous silk and cashmere sweater at sierra trading post for $45! (I got the green one) It's yummy!
  6. Wow! I thought I was bad I feel better, lol!

    It takes me about six months -- at least! -- to accumulate as much stuff as you got on that one trip. A "spree" to me is if I buy a coach bag, a pair of 7FAM, and a few tops or dresses in the same trip to Niemans....
  7. In this past week I bought a Hermes watch, a LV Damier Duomo, a LV PTI wallet, two pairs of Rock & Republics jeans, and two pairs of Seven for All Mankind jeans. I :heart: jeans and bags.
  8. Nice top pippi! I've never heard of Sierra before.

    MandM: I had accumulated alot of months of no shopping! I got so caught up in school I was forgetting to shop...I guess it all built up and I went nuts! It felt good though....sipping smoothies at Saks and being treated oh so nice for a day! It'll be months before that happens again!

    Love them: oooohhh a rolex...any pics?? Where did you go for your spree??

    Boku: sweet deal at Gap! Was that at the back in their clearance area? I head straight to the back when I go in! I got a great long sleeve waffle sweater at Christmas for only $7.00 :smile:
  9. I've been terrible lately :shame:

    Balenciaga 2004 Turquoise City
    LV Cabas Piano
    Coach sandals
    Coach scarf to match the turquoise city
    Coach keychain
    Belt with skulls on it from Pacific Sunwear
    3 tops at Express

    At least I sold a bag last week, and I'm listing a pair of Oliver Peoples sunglasses on eBay soon. I'm trying to be :angel: ...ha! :whistle:
  10. Burberry sandals
    Nine west heels
    Sweater from BCBG Max Azria
    Coach Umbrella
    Coach Key Chain
    Coach Laurel Flip Flops
    Banana Republic Cropped Sweaters
  11. lol Cristina...great score..especially the b-bag!!!
  12. I'm thinking this may have been a bad post to start....I'm thinking now of some sandals...Coach..Burberry lol
  13. Today was good for me there - LOADS of great stuff, some days I try on a bazillion things and leave depressed and empty handed, but not today! Here's some of my loot:
    br389554-05p01v01.jpg br362018-00p01v01.jpg br254516-00p01v01.jpg br388669-01p01v01.jpg
  14. I finally got through and ordered a scarf, a bag on sale, and the Dior Beauty Confidential compact.
  15. 7 pairs of TR Jeans, 4 COH, and 3 R&R.
    5 Louis Vuittons- Denim Baggy GM, Pap 30, Blk MC Speedy, GM Croissant,L'Extravagant in WHITE.
    Another watch-Tag
    and that is it. WheW:shame:
    now on the perfect hunt for my Technomarine watch!
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