Your latest "Holy Grail" (most wanted) b-bag?

  1. i think i can say that i'm completely dunzo after receiving my 05 turqwork-meaning that i'm very happy with her so i don't really find myself wanting another bbag (then again, i may be kidding myself and full of it when i say i don't need any more:lol: ).
    in any case, if you were to choose ONLY ONE bbag that was ever produced, which one would it be? it should be your most ideal, your absolute, your utmost, your ultimate, the end-all transcending over all of your other beautiful bbags....
    what's your HOLY GRAIL of balenciaga bags??? :love:
  2. I have a couple of bags on my "want" list (Day in either '05 Turquoise or Teal) but nothing's really entered the "Holy Grail" realm. Not yet, anyway.

    Edit: my spelling really sucks.
  3. ACKKK I have 2.... no, really, I have 2! The turq 05 work, and 1st edition black le dix classique. After that, the saga will end.......... (maybe lol)
  4. Anis City or Twiggy

    eta: as if you guys didnt know...
  5. 2001 Black Flat Brass Classique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. as for now, my holy grail is the turq 05 work. how many of you knew i was going to say that?;)
  7. Mint brand new condition 2004 Seafoam Classique....*drools*:love: :love: :love:
  8. 2003 emerald for me!!
  9. Hmm...can I have three? :angel:

    Eggplant Twiggy and Seafoam Twiggy (which I have)

    04 Turquoise Twiggy (don't have one...yet!)
  10. I'm also in the flat brass boat...the original Le Dix is my holy grail any color!
  11. i have what i've wanted- my 05 pewter first. though, i'd love to find one in brand new, mint condition!
  12. esile didnt u get a turq weekender?? i join u in that the only bag i desire now is the turq 05 work!!
  13. Mine is so boring... 2002-2004 black City!

  14. i wish! but i did get a teal weekender.
  15. my holy grail which i already won :p eggplant purse :yahoo:, flat brass '02 classique, and anything magenta (i got my city).
    i really don't have any obsession now, i spend all my fund on the last 2 bags. i'm willing to let go everything just for these 3, and actually i want one more b-bags to reach heaven, a work in any color between turq '04 (did they make it?) or rouille?